Seven Days: The Dons Week In Review (W/c 9th March)

I had this idea when I started writing ‘The Anonymous Don’ that I would write a weekly update every Monday outlining events over the past seven days. I’ve only just remembered, so apologies to you all for the delay in this edition of Seven Days… of course as this is the first week in existence of ‘The Anonymous Don’ I could have just not mentioned the delay. However, I am an honest man, and more importantly I couldn’t think of an introduction, so I thought I’d bluster on about nothing in particular for a paragraph or so until I got into the flow of the post.

Of course by far the biggest event last week was the launch of innovative new web log ‘The Anonymous Don’ on Wednesday. Already the web log has reached a milestone (ten people viewed the blog on Sunday), with literally a message of support flooding the email account. Well, I’m sure it was a message of support… it said “Why don’t you keep it original and not attend another game all season?”.

There were some other new additions to the Wimbledon family over the past week, three of them in total. The first, Jay Conroy, arrived on Monday, and was a familiar face to most Dons fans even if most of us couldn’t remember whether he was any good first time around.  Conroy is obviously the replacement for Luke Garrards replacement Andy Sambrook, if that isn’t too confusing. Whether Terry Brown will offer a contact to either Sambrook or Conroy is open to debate, but Conroy now has a real chance to put himself in the shop window during the title run in, and apparently has looked impressive in his two games this week.

One area of the team that definitely has a few contracts up for grabs for next season is in midfield, and it was the acquisition of Rob Saunders that (pleasantly) surprised me. I think only Hatton, Lee and perhaps Adjei have really claimed a contract for next year so far. Saunders arrival will hopefully be a firm kick up the arse to Davies and Finn, time will tell whether Saunders will be a capable longer term option, especially at a time when longer term ambitions a now geared towards us playing at a higher level next season. As with all positions the chances are Terry will bring in someone new during the summer and following a year long chase for his signature Saunders now has to prove to us how good he really is.

Its always exciting to sign a new striker, but I’m really looking forward to seeing Kezie Ibe on Saturday. It can’t have been too hard for him to turn down a month at Kingsmeadow, as Kedwell and Main are long overdue a rest, despite this week long rest between games. To have Kezie available to step in, when compared to Belal, Finn or Mason, well no disrespect to those players but you can see how bringing an experienced Conference striker into the squad is going to be a massive boost to our chances of winning this thing.

A solid four points with no return from Trumpton this week means we now hold a nine point lead. By rights we should have effectively won this league by now. There are a couple factors stopping us breaking out the fizzy stuff just yet. Firstly, Hampton have a game in hand. Ok, that only brings our lead potentially down to six, but it needs to be considered along with; Second, Hampton have to play us. And if they win and bring our lead down to say four points, If Hampton win that game in hand (against Chelmsford), we would be left needing a win ourselves on the last day, and how nerve wracking will that be? The third reason we should be cautious is … we are Wimbledon! We know from our history to expect not just the unexpected, but the downright surreal to happen. I can’t remember us blowing a huge lead at any point in our recent history, that just makes us overdue as far as I’m concerned.

Our destiny is well and truly in our own hands. Any victory Trumpton achieve over us will be a hollow one if we secure five victories from now until then, as a 15 point haul in our remaining games will win us the title unless Hampton start winning games by six or seven. Strictly speaking we need sixteen points. If we all cross our fingers and make lots of wishes, come 5pm Saturday that will be reduced to just ten points. And then I’m sure we really will all be breathing easier.


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