The Welling United Match Preview


There’s a football match on at The Cherry Red Records Fans Stadium on Saturday. Wimbledon v Welling. Wimbledon are doing quite well this year apparently. Everyone’s invited, but only the first 4700 are guaranteed entry. Tell all your mates. Go on. Get yourself down the ground on Saturday. You know you want to.


Planet Of The Apes extra James Pullen remains our only recognised goalkeeper as Little begins his year on the sidelines following his bizarre knee injury, loanee Gindre is apparently on trial in South Africa presumably for gun smuggling or something like that, so young Jack Turner should deputise as long as he feels no ill effects after his morning game at Little League. As for outfield players, before TB speaks later its pretty much guesswork and paper talk as to who is fit for tomorrow. With quality signings providing cover and competition in pretty much all areas of the squad (although we can be pretty sure Conroy will start tomorrow…) I’m wondering whether its worth bothering to worry that much about it. Although we should get more of an idea of the starting lineup later in the day when TBs Friday update appears on the Official Site, one player definitely not featuring tomorrow as confirmed by the FAs Suspended Player List is one ‘Benjamin Judge’ due to him taking justice into his own hands at Weston. One bonus on the list (which can be found here is that Trumpton late goal specialist Francis Quarm won’t be ruining my day when I check the Blue Square Updates on my phone at approximately 5pm. I had nightmares about ‘Hampton Quarm 90’ for a long time… Incidentally Trumpton are building a new stand to enable them to compete in the playoffs, so on our visit there next month we’ll be able to see exactly what you can make from scaffolding, Meccano and a few dozen remoulded buckets.


Technically still in the playoff chase, yet fourteen points behind as I write albeit with a game in hand on the trio stuck on 64 points except for Hayes who they have two games in hand over. Even if they manage to repeat their 4-0 demolition tomorrow and win the games in hand, I still see an eight point gap being too much for the Wings to overturn, despite an easy run-in after tomorrow. Welling have shown a huge amount of promise this season and if they keep hold of top scorer Charlie Sheringham should be in a better position to challenge next season. Sheringham netted twice against the Dons at Park View Road in November although was dropped to the bench for last weeks game. Its at this point I am legally obliged to remind everyone that Charlies dad is the famous Teddy Sheringham, however I would add the only similarity so far between them is the high turnover of clubs, with Charlie spending his youth career hopping between Championship clubs before finding his was to Park View Road. Dons fans hoping to see more comedy from keeper Taylor after his gift in the corresponding fixture probably won’t be surprised to hear it was his last game for the club. This Welling team will certainly not be in the mood to give anything away so cheaply this time.

The Fans

Them – looking forward to it but being realistic in their expectations for travelling support, with figures of around a hundred being offered on their fans forum. You won’t be seeing them big up their support either like most other clubs at this level, neither will there be a strangely high turnout of Welling fans that most Welling regulars couldn’t recognise (pay attention Trumpton…). If they do manage three figures then that’s highly impressive for a club at this level as nearby Hayes only managed a third of that. Only Newport, Chelmsford and Bath have really impressed me with their support this season, though having said that we still haven’t had the pleasure of a visit from Team Tax, so beware the invasion come early April…

Us – 3500 minimum tomorrow, and that’s being conservative. The pull of a team looking to extend their lead at the top to twelve points, as well as the fear that it could be reduced to six and back into Trumptons hands, will hopefully be enough to tempt the ‘Pick & Choose’ brigade to turn up for the remaining four home games, and we could go close to capacity for Basingstoke and St Albans. Get there early tomorrow. Just in case.

Blue Square

Dons 1/2

Draw 11/4

Welling 9/2

As usual nothing for Dons fans to get excited over. The most promising price seems to be on the HT/FT market, with the very likely Draw/AFC Wimbledon currently 16/5. The Correct Score market seems to favour Dons winning 1-0 or 2-0 with 11/2 offered. Optimistic bet of the week is the 400/1 quoted for Welling to win 5-2, 6-0, or 6-1… so get your 20p’s on them as you’ll need cheering up if a disaster like that happens…

The Anonymous Opinion

For some reason I haven’t been worried about this one at all. I have it down as a nailed on home win. Perhaps its something to do with our home form being so good, we just don’t expect to drop points at TCRRFS. Perhaps the pre-match nerves will kick in come the morning, or on my way to the game? Dropping any kind of points tomorrow could be potentially disastrous depending how Trumpton get on against Chelmsford. We’ve seen in recent weeks how determined TB has been not to let this slip now, and the squad is too professional to allow this to happen. Newly added strength in depth will be more than enough to get us over the line, and an important step will be taken tomorrow. I’m going for 2-0 Dons, and after cursing poor Chris Hussey last week I’m playing it safe this time with both goals coming from Jon Main.

Come On You Dons.

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