Seven Days – The Dons Week In Review (w/c 16th March)

Last week seemed to be all about the buildup to the Welling game. There seemed to be no other news worth talking about, so speculation took its place, which mainly came in the form of Wimbledon fans (myself included) trying to work out after which game we would clinch the title. But pride comes before a fall, and we were as guilty of that as Chelmsford were before Christmas. Unlike Chelmsford we haven’t spiralled down the table, not yet anyway. Plus we still hold a six point advantage over the villagers. Yet perhaps because of their intimidating victory over Chelmsford we are overlooking the fact that Trumpton haven’t really been on a hot run of form. They can quite easily have more performances like Welling and Newport between now and the end of the season. Results like Saturdays and the Eastleigh game just go to show how far they’ve upped their game in the big matches, and how much it has taken out of them by doing so in more winnable matches. It just goes to show just how hard it is to win a title, at any level. The closer you get to the finish line, the harder those three points are to pick up regularly.

As for Saturday itself, I don’t think there is too much to add that I hadn’t mentioned in the match report itself. Please excuse me for the contradiction over whether fans can make a positive difference to their team. What I meant to say was… While supporters can make a positive difference to the outcome of a match, its far easier for them to have a negative effect especially when the abuse is aimed at an individual. Basically, just support the team in their hour of need! Its not hard. Even I can manage it. There are circumstances when the team have to be told to buck its ideas up. When a team of championship winners find themselves around the relegation zone for example. Wimbledon, on the other hand, are six points clear at the top. Some players like Dwayne and Kennedy were coming back from injury, and Terry made the decision to play them ahead of Rob Saunders for continuity reasons, with Saunders only being in the squad for a week or so.

As for other club related news, ticket sales for the three upcoming away games seem to be progressing as well as possible. I managed to get my Eastleigh ticket before the game, and got reasonably close to the front of the queue for Bromley so couldn’t tell how far down the back of the Main Stand the queue went. As for Trumpton, well its looking like being a huge game. Tickets for that are on general sale after the Team Bath game, not being a season ticket holder myself (and I won’t be making that mistake again next year…). And thanks to sheer bad luck that turns out to be the game I miss due to being in the States for a week. Fortunately the three Mothers Day gifts I got my old mum has worked a treat, and she has volunteered to walk down to the ground and pick one up for me. Failing that I’d have to pay a friend to do it, or just write a begging letter to the club…

Hopefully there will be another post or two here before the Eastleigh Match Preview on Friday, and can I say thanks to all of you who have submitted positive comments about the blog here and on Old Central Repository. It really makes it worthwhile doing something I love anyway, knowing that its appreciated by other Dons fans.


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