The Anonymous Don Is On Holiday…

Sadly I’m off on a brief mid-season holiday to the States on Wednesday. The wife is going home for a couple of months (hurray! Only joking…) and I get to go for a week as well. So the following regular items are sadly cancelled:

  • Seven Days (This week and next, although this weeks would have included a lot of what I wrote here
  • The Team Bath Match Preview
  • The Team Bath Match Report

On my return next week you can look forward to:

  • The Basingstoke Preview (Thursday 9 Apr)
  • New England Revs vs Dallas FC – A Look At MLS (Thur 9/Fri 10)
  • The Basingstoke Match Report (Sat 11)

Plus much, much more…

I have plenty of packing to do over the next few days, and have to finish a promised WUP article by tomorrow night. A reminder if you enjoyed this blog and fancy having a go yourself, the deadline for WUP fanzine submissions for everyone else is this Friday. Or just write something for the WUP Blog (

Before I go, once more thanks for everyone who read this and sent messages of support, so thanks Mark, Kevin, Haywards Heath Don, Baskers, Amy, REPD, Ray, Katie, Devon Don, Sandy, everyone at WUP for their support (and links!) and apologies for those I forgot. I just write this for the fun of it, so hearing that people have taken time out to say ‘thanks’ just makes me want to improve the quality of this blog still further.

Make some noise on Saturday…

2 thoughts on “The Anonymous Don Is On Holiday…

  1. JamPot says:

    Of course you do realise that if we win 6-0 whilst you are away; H&R lose 6-0 at Dorchester and have 3 players sent off….. we wont want you to come back 😉

    • anonymousdon says:

      The Dons have never won a home game while Ive been on US soil… dont worry too much though, thats only 2 games!

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