Public Service Announcement

Those of you checking the blog today for a preview of the Bromley game will be pleased to hear it will be ready early evening time. While you wait perhaps you would like to check out my new general football blog, Control>Shoot (very much still a work in progress), featuring an overview of the downfall of TeamBath FC, and a report of my visit to the New England Revolution game last week.

Control>Shoot can be found here;

This extra responsibility doesn’t mean I’ll give up writing for the WUP and WUP blog as well, you can read about the early home ground of the Old Central onwards in the current edition of WUP, on sale now, just £1, all proceeds donated to the club. As well as this I attended Trumptons big game with Braintree yesterday, a full match report is on the WUP blog and can be read here;


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