The Conference Files – Woking FC


Woking FC were formed back in….. whats that? They were relegated? From their rightful place in the Conference?…. Never!…. So your saying they’ll be playing in The Conference South next season?… No!!!… So that must mean that…. they are no longer the top non-league side in Surrey!!! So who is?…. oh, its us! Well I’d imagine they’re a bit pissed of about that aren’t they?…. and possibly a little bit jealous? And they won’t get to play their long awaited cup final against us? Well of course, theres a chance we could go down there in pre-season for a bit of shooting practice for our fringe players…

Anyway, the much promised Conference Files series kicks off here later this week with Altrincham FC, giving you the lowdown on our new rivals next season. And remember, its Proper Conference teams only….

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