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The General Specific (Wednesday 6th May 09)

As the pre-season news starts leaking out through the usual manner of updates on the Official Site and through the back door via other clubs, I realised my usual article-style postings wouldn’t be suitable for rounding up the news (they’re too bloody long), and as I don’t want to ressurect Seven Days (remember that… anyone?), I’ve decided to title them The General Specific, basically whats been going on at the club recently. So this is the first of my GS postings, expect irregular updateds through pre-season and beyond…

fcunitedFirstly, we finally know one of the sides we’ll be playing in pre-season, and it’s a home game to FC United on Saturday 25th July. I’m not sure they’ll be bringing as many down as they usually do, I believe they even have a post-season game in Stockholm this year (not exactly the Isle of Man though is it?) and it could start getting a bit expensive for some of  them with season ticket renewals and the like. Having said that they do seem to like coming down and its been a couple of years. Seeing that message pop up on the site was a bit like getting a wedding invitation from a distant cousin you haven’t seen since you were kids, but there is a bit of moaning going on that we didn’t get to go up to Bury this time to play them.

The other friendly, which hasn’t yet been finalised, has been leaked on the Farnborough FC website as part of the deal that brought Rob Saunders on loan for the last few games of the season. I was thinking of going down to Farnborough for their playoff game last Saturday, which they lost to Gloucester City, and now I’m quite glad knowing I’ll get my first visit to Cherrywood Road in the summer. For those of you who last visited for our CCL game against Frimley I think your in for a shock – their ground has been tarted up a bit recently. As for other games, we know we will more than likely be playing Kingstonian, we are definitely playing Tonbridge, although its gone a bit quiet on the Isle of Man front recently…

We should start getting a bit of news regarding which players are coming and going as of early next week,. TB had said nothing will be announced until after the End Of Season dinner on the pitch at Kingsmeadow on Saturday, however that’s not saying nothing has been arranged yet. Knowing this, you can start piecing things together, and by doing so it makes my Great Player Evaluation predictions look a bit silly. I’m now 100% sure the Saunders deal is dead, I remember Terry hinting talks will continue in the summer, but we seem to be aiming our sights a little higher. I think Farnborough saw we were desperate going for Saunders at that stage of the season, and got themselves a PSF out of it – and good luck to ’em.

There was an article on Barnets website regarding their midfielder Max Porter, who has left the club after his contract expires. Barnets O/S cryptically claimed Porter had declined to comment on speculation linking him with a move to AFC Wimbledon. Mt first reaction to this was – what speculation? This could be a cleverly worded way of saying ‘he’s off to AFC Wimbledon, but he can’t talk about it yet’. Bear in mind this was not internet chatter or paper talk, this was the official website of the club he has just left. I’m rating this an ‘8’ out of 10 on the Possibility Scale.

And on the subject of chatter it seems Jake Leberl hasn’t been too guarded in telling fans he probably wouldn’t be getting a contract next season, and its looking likely he might be on his way back to Dover. That seems reasonable, I’ll say 9 on the P.S. he’s actually leaving, 8 he’ll go to a BSS side and 7 that he’ll end up at Dover.

Finally, I’m off to Hampton tomorrow to see the Play Off Final, but I really don’t know who I should support? Perhaps Hayes would be the weaker opponents next term, and I’d hate to see the Hampton fans celebrating at the end. It’s been suggested Terry has been scouting a couple of Hayes lads, and their promotion might harm our chances of getting them. To be honest if we go in for them over the summer and they are out of contract, I can’t see a player not coming to us whether Hayes get promoted or not. Yet I’m convinced Hampton will be equally crap in the Conference next term, plus we might get a chance to actually beat them!

You can expect a match report of sorts for that game on here some time on Friday, as well as the first part of The Conference Files (A is for Altrincham). Until then, if you’ve heard any other rumours, do share them with the rest of us by adding a comment, partly so I’m not the only one whos pitiful predictions will get laughed at!

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