The General Specific (Wednesday 20th May ’09)

So I haven’t written a General Specific for a while, and I’m not going to go overboard on this one. Basically, there has been no news. But as we all know, no news is good news! Hurray! I’ve been working my fingers to the blogging bone recently, both here and on Control>Shoot, which I’ve managed to secure a regular readership for mainly due to a protest campaign which, while agreed with by the majority of those who read the blog, was sadly to trivial to spur them to actually sign the petition… Booooo! But on the plus side, I have the petition with the lowest views to signature ratio since ‘Save money by sending Rampton Inmates to look after sick kids’. Hurray!

Anyway now I’ve managed to fill out an opening paragraph with absolutely no Dons news (Hurray!… err… Booooo!), lets have a look at what’s in the papers this week. Well the SLP have come back with the remarkable news that Tom Davis is upset he got the chop, Tony Finn was just glad to have the chance to saunter around with his hands on his hips for a couple of seasons, and ex-Histon striker Jack Midson has ensured he will have to put up with several thousand Dons fans waving banknotes in his direction by turning down a Dons offer to sign for Oxford United instead…

Still no news on any other new signings, or pre-season games, and I’m starting to think the whole Isle of Man trip might turn out to be entirely fabricated a la Bradford Park Avenue in Spain last year. Expect a local waiter to bag a hat trick for us in the local 5-a-side centre and be bigged up as the legend he isn’t by the O/S…

Anyway I have spoiled you all slightly with my output over the last few weeks (some of which must have been at least quite interesting???), but I have some bad news…. unfortunately Mrs Anonymous Don has decided to return from her jaunt across the Atlantic (BOOOOOOOOOOO!) only about six weeks after I did but never mind, so for the next couple of weeks at least I may be expected to spend at least half of my spare time going on pointless walks, watching lame chick flicks, that kind of thing…

However I do get to make at least one suggestion of what to do this long weekend, so I have suggested we assist at the cleanup at Kingsmeadow. Amazingly she didn’t dismiss this out of hand, so hopefully an afternoon scrubbing graffiti off smelly urinals will learn her not to take extended holidays in future. As for me, well I deserve to put in a bit of graft to rebalance my Karma after chain-smoking my way through another season (I’ve given up now though, for two weeks, so give me a pat on the back…) and allowing some poor other chump to sweep them up. So if you’ve sat on your backside all season while someone else volunteers to clean up your crap, the least you could do is put a few hours graft in where it will be appreciated…

Full details on the O/S. So Ill see you there (possibly….). 

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