Opening Day

My attention was drawn this morning to the following link…

Not because I actually believe it of course, after all isn’t it really strange how staff at businesses who sort out fixtures manage to get made redundant just at what I would presume is their firms busiest time of the year? 

As well as this, the WHAK spin off ‘What The Hell Are We Doing In Stratford?’ has already pointed out the fixtures are produced ‘manually’. I presume this means a series of unique rounds are produced, then inserted into the calendar for whenever they see fit. This explains how they get the Xmas/New Year derbies in place. The newsletter already pointed out the fixtures are produced after the League fixtures are published on Wednesday to avoid clashes.

Which means the person who posted this is a bit of a Billy Bullshitter. As you will remember from seasons past, there are normally a good few of these. If there are enough, there are only 46 possible fixtures we could have, so someone is bound to get it right. This plum has us as Altrincham away, and a few days ago frequent Anon Don commenter Kevin Smyth went for Grays Athletic away, one of the smallest away sections in the division as a worst case scenario.

So its time for me to weigh in with my guess opinion. I’m going to go for AFC Wimbledon v Eastbourne Borough. Feel free to join the game, and we’ll see who’s right on 3rd July (or before…).

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One thought on “Opening Day

  1. Wombledan says:

    Oxford . Can feel it in my bones.

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