The General Specific (Thursday 25th June ’09)

So I’ve witnessed the Miracle On Grass and realised that South Africa have a couple of players whose names sound like Counting Crows lyrics. But what else have I learned from watching the Confederations Cup? I have learned that Jonathan Pearce is actually a better commentator while watching the action on a screen in Shepherds Bush than actually being there (come on BBC, what do we pay our licence fee for? Get your commentators to the game!). And I’ve also learned that I really, really miss proper football.

By proper football I mean watching our beloved AFC Wimbledon, and the next best thing to seeing them play is knowing they are back in training. Which is this weekend! Woohoo! One player who may not be there is Ricky Wellard. I am now christening this as The Ricky Wellard Affair after the Kingston Informer (I do read other papers) likened it to The Carlos Tevez Saga. This only weeks after I had compared it to the Ronaldo transfer… catch up Informer! In fact I’m not sure why I’m being so nice to them by mentioning their reporting when they threw My Old Mum on the scrapheap a couple of months ago, making her redundant! C***s! Boycott The Informer I say!

Family bias aside, it was nice to read Terry Brown say even he is getting fed up with transfer talks which lets not forget began several years before Wellard was even born. Well it feels like it. What is weird is Wellard is one of the largest tags on the tag bubble thing down there on the right, which means I’ve written by now thousands of words on a player I have admitted to never having seen play, and may never play for our club!

By the weekend we will know whether we have landed our ‘number one signing’, although by now I doubt if any of use really cares, as very shortly a number of Football League players will be out of contract, and the number of Conference clubs lining up to sign them will be down after the Setanta Debacle (see previous posting). In fact we have been ‘in talks with a League Two defender’, not mentioned of course as he is still CCCOOOUURHYSDAYGGGHHH under contract.

WHEELER!Next, who remembers that crazy CCL Cup game at Walton Casuals, part football match, part music festival/piss up? You know, the one that went to penalties and we all got to call Danny Wheeler a wanker at the end? To be honest I prefered the second game better, the one when it was bastard cold and that guy scored the comical own goal, and me and my mates gained entry to the warm Casuals bar just by approaching the elderly Walton steward and saying ‘Alright mate’ like we knew him (I still can’t believe that worked – one of said mates once gained free entry to a Portsmouth-Man United game by pulling the same trick…).  

Well we can relive those happy times several times over next season as the Reserves will be playing there next year. How any of us non-drivers are going to make it there I’m not sure… it is after all in the middle of nowhere. As well as this we are being charged admission! Preposterous! Except we are not, as most of us will have season tickets and the rest of you can get in free merely by approaching the man on the gate and saying ‘Alright mate’!

Finally, and to attempt to gain some cheap hits from people searching for news on the Other Wimbledon, Andy Murray won through to the third round at The Championship today. Well done, sir. And for all us red blooded males, Ana Ivanovic is still in the tournament too!


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