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The General Specific (Saturday 27th June ’07)

Moving house, writers block, humidity, a hangover and a really annoying blister between my big toe and whatever the next one along is called (if you have more than one choice there you come from Milton Keynes – step away from the computer, exit PC World, your mum and sister’s looking for you – she’s outside by the way…), that was caused while taking a leisurely stroll along the river in flip-flops this afternoon, have all conspired to prevent me writing as much as I wanted to recently. Therefore I’ll be keeping it to the point this evening, and try and keep the number of tangents I go off on down to one or two.

Wellard has signed. Great, now get out there lad and show us what you can do. Jut in time for him as well, as pre-season training started today. I’d love to be the sort of uber-fan who turns up for this type of event, or The Paul Strank Family Fun Day, but I’m not. I’ll be evaluating the newbies where it matters, on the pitch in pre-season. And I know that doesn’t really matter either.

This means its judgement day as far as Ben Judge is concerned, and I presume that would mean its innsment day for Alan Inns as well. Apparently there is a new boy in town, in the form of Brett Johnson. I know what your thinking, me neither. I was expecting Rhys Day, which just goes to show how far getting all your information from the Kingston Informer gets you. Hmmm, I’m just and educated commentator, I’m out of my depth predicting the future, I’ll leave it to the proper professionals in future. In fact I cannot wait for getting back to what I’m best at, watching a game of football, making a few notes, taking some photos then sitting down to think about it a writing a couple of thousand words on what the experience meant to me.

In fact, this time next week we will know who we will be playing six weeks today (yes, just six little weeks… or 42 days…) when the season starts properly. Are we excited? Well its about bloody time that’s all I can say. The last game of what I am considering the 08/09 season takes place on Monday when England U21’s take on Germany, and what I consider the start of next season is the Wycombe game. Which means twelve football free days. How ever shall we cope?

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