Fixtures Part One

Bloody hell Luton Town first up. That’ll sort the men from the boys.

But can I be the first to say why oh why oh why couldn’t we have gone to Oxford or Luton on the first day, at least 2000 tickets available to us so anyone who really wanted to go could have got in there early. Surely its better to have these games at the 11000 Kassam (or whatever they’re calling it these days) or 9000 Kenilworth Road (or whatever theyre calling it these days… its been too long) rather than, erm, 5000 TCRRFSKM (or whatever we’re ca… sorry). It makes sense. Why do you think we got Newport away last year… because they knew we would have four figures travelling and it was the only ground that could cope… plus it was miles away and they thought it might put a few people off. By that logic I suppose a trip to Gate Shed would have been ideal, but lets save that for our final day promotion 10th place party.

Anyway, more ‘comment’ later… I’ve got to pack my shit prior to the movement of the entire Anonymous Don empire a mile down the river to Surbiton tomorrow AM.

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