Poll Closes Tomorrow…

The current poll ‘What Position Do You Think We Will Achieve Next Season’ closes tomorrow at 9am(-ish). If you haven’t voted yet, do so!

It was originally my intention to run the poll up until the first day of the season but it struck me our performance in the pre-season games might affect voting, leaving those that had already voted stuck with their vote, and unable to vote again (sorry about all the ‘vote’s there, I’m trying to subconsciously urge those who haven’t yet voted… to vote).

So there will be a new poll next week and a breakdown of the results to the current one later in the week (possibly, if I get time when I should be working…). I won’t tell you what it’s going to be, mainly because I like the element of surprise, but also as I haven’t thought of one yet…

Also later this week tune in for the Wycombe preview… which might even be ready in time for the Wycombe game…


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