Poll Closed – New Poll Replaces It!

So the ‘Where We Gonna Finish?’ poll has now closed – stay tuned later in the week for comment on the results…

A new poll has replaced it, regarding perhaps the most divisive and important issue we care about as Dons fans – how many of us are going to turn up? I could have gone for an ‘average attendance?’ question, instead I chose to ask how many times this season we will break the 4000 barrier.

Vote away!

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2 thoughts on “Poll Closed – New Poll Replaces It!

  1. WGD says:

    You have to be joking surely. Attendances the most divisive and most important issue, get a life. There is a sector of or fanbase that are attendance obsessed, perhaps its something they cling to in their never ending quest to prove that we are a big club, or something.

    I hope that the majority of fans are obsessed with on the pitch success, and quite interested but not obsessed with good governance.

    I went for the 7-9 choice 😉

    • anonymousdon says:

      I just want to say I was at that Luton game where we had 3000 and something in for it. Also the Everton record low Premier attendance. I say tickets should go to the hardcore who attended those as a priority, not these bandwaggon jumpers who have only started showing up now we are a big club…………

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