The General Specific (Friday 17th July ’09)

The big news of the week is… this blog is back!

While you recover from the news that your favouritea blog you sometimes read is now back after a two week hiatus thanks to a move and subsequent lack of internet access, I’ll get down to a roundup of news since my last appearance on Sunday when I should have been visiting family but actually wrote a pretty long match report on the Wycombe game which has rightly drawn comment over several paragraphs dedicated to my love of chips, and dislike of people who leave trays of chips untouched. Still, it blew away a few cobwebs.

ISLEOFMANAs you may have gathered, my half arsed attempts to gain sponsorship for a trip to IOM came to nought, so like most of us I will be tuned into WDON for most of Saturday. Sorry for a lack of Tournament Preview, I did start researching it at work but found the whole IOM football scene so fascinating I wasted two lunch hours reading up on it. I think I’ve missed the boat now… Naturally I will be giving comment on whatever happens, and all I’ll say now is if someone gets injured it better be worth the spike in replica shirt sales from IOM residents – if Man U have the Far East sewn up, perhaps we should concentrate on small islands in future. Who’s up for the Faeroe’s next summer?

On top of that, the reserves kicked off their campaign with a 1-4 defeat against Merstham at Colliers Wood United. The Anon Don would have been there, had I not only found out about it 1 hr 45 minutes beforehand. Anyway, I’ll be at the Cove game after it was helpfully arranged for 1200 on the same day we play Farnborough at 1500.

I’ll be back with more news tomorrow, as it’s getting on a bit now (in fact it’s well into Saturday morning!). However before I started writing this I penned a short article of great importance, which will be posted immediately after this one.

Until then…

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