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The General Specific (Saturday 18th July ’09)

A few things to catch up on today, the first being our first trophy of the season! At least, I think there was a trophy… normally if you win a competition you get some kind of cup, even in these piss-poor pre-season gigs. For example, during the nineties I remember a warm up victory at The Manor Ground (that’s Oxford United…) was enough to secure us the Oxfordshire Benevolent Cup back in the nineties, a trophy we originally took of Oxford City back in the sixties. Next weeks Supporters Direct Cup game against them from up north has its own trophy, usually presented to the winning captain long after most fans have departed the ground for the safety of the bar. And to round off a long opening paragraph our tenants beat Woking 2-0 at TCCRFSKM today, after their legends team brilliantly beat their counterparts from Woking 10-0. Brilliantly because apparently the game only lasted half an hour…

So now you know about the cups, who won the tournament? Well, erm, we did. After swatting aside Ramsey AFC 8-1 in the first game thanks to doubles from Derek Duncan, Sam Hatton, Jon Main and Peter Rapson, an entirely different XI took the field at 3pm to take on the Isle of Man National Team (I know, but I’m not getting involved in that argument right now… all I know is if football was ever introduced to the Commonwealth Games the side we played today would be involved).

Now to be honest, Ramsey AFC haven’t managed to win the Isle of Man league (now known as the Sure Mobile Premier Division… how clever! A deodorant you can carry about with you!) for over fifty years. In fact they found themselves down in the second division earlier in the decade. We probably played them and not the recent dominant force in Manx football, St Georges, because I would imagine most of the St Georges players make up the National team anyway. Plus Ramsey have the best ground on the island, which is probably part of Mike Richardson’s back yard or something.

Anyway, the national team (who according to Terry Brown are ‘All passionate Scousers’…) gave a much better performance, restricting ours lads to a 3-0 victory with Taylor, Godfrey and Kedwell. On top of this, and if I’ve read the text updates correctly, the returning Luke Garrard made way for Jack Turner late in the game… now did we play with two keepers or is young Jack a promising right back as well? Paul Lorraine also came off, replaced by a young triallist called Marcus Gayle. Apparently he had a quiet time and I doubt we’ll be seeing him in a Dons shirt again…

Presumably the Isle of Man public failed to turn out in droves as, like me, they were following their man Mark Cavendish and his attempts to secure the Maillot Vert. Sadly for them Cav is no closer to securing the Green jersey thanks to main rival and current jersey holder Tor Hushovd following him over the finish line on todays 14th stage. This is the 14th stage of the Tour de France for all of you Sky viewers who probably spent the day watching cricket (some of us had to wait for the highlights on Five).

Presumably a few more locals ambled down to see their National Team take apart Ramsey in the evening game. Who knows? Who cares! While the Ramsey game was going on Terry Brown was busy talking to WDON (which can be found here http://www.wdon.com/2009/07/terry-brown-talks-to-wdon/)… and how surreal does that WDON We Are Wimbledon ident sound when you have a dodgy connection with the sound too high? Anyway, Mr Brown admitted he still doesn’t have a clue how the team will line up against Luton on Opening Day. Except for ‘three or four who are nailed on’. From that I would guess he means James Pullen, perhaps Lorraine and Main, probably Taylor. And that’s just starters. Personally I could write a dozen team sheets right now and not come up with the same lineup twice, so I’m glad Terry is prepared to admit he has a lot more to learn about how his side will mesh together.

Next up is Brighton on Tuesday where Brown admitted he may go back on his initial plan to field two sides in each half, and may give his first half side an hour before changing, reversing the sides for FC United of Manchester. I suppose Fulham XI is seen as a freebie for last minute experimentation, with Farnborough perhaps the first time we will see anything like what Terry sees as our strongest side.


Aside from the three remaining warm up games, there is a busy schedule at Kingsmeadow over the next couple of weeks. The kit launch for the third shirt is on Friday 24th, from 7-9pm. I have had a few requests (well…one…) regarding what the new shirt actually looks like, so I’ve decided to reproduce the original plan on here. At the same time, lasting slightly longer, is the FCUM pre-game comedy night. And finally on Thursday 30th Terry Brown will be fielding questions from the fanbase for his annual meet the manager night. The Anonymous Don will be present with my 1980’s tape recorder and little notepad, sitting on my own in the corner dedicatedly reporting back the news of the night to you, my loyal readership.

Last but not least – apparently my match reports are not only popular for my enigmatic writing style… in fact the most viewed Anonymous Don post ever featured no text at all, five photographs and a video clip (what that tells me about the quality of my writing I’m still not sure…). In fact I often get asked for originals of the photos I feature in my match reports, which still comes as a surprise to me…

Anyway, I upload all of my matchday photos, occasionally with ‘hilarious’ captions and in all their out-of-focus glory, to the photos page of the Official Anonymous Don Facebook Page (although some of those fan sites are pretty good too…) which can be found here http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Anonymous-Don/73526524635. If you’re a regular user of the Facebook you can sign up as a friend of mine (or fans as the page system refers to you as, so only if your comfortable with that…). The benefits being you will see whenever a new article is added, in fact it’ll even give you a little link to follow, as well as those photos I was talking about, and occasional random outbursts.

As for the previouly launched Twitter feeds (see the little box on the right), I’ll be experimenting with giving my opinion in real time from the stadium during the next week… I’ll tell you all when as part of the relevant match preview.

I also haven’t forgotten I promised my opinion on the first Anonymous Don poll which will come in the next few days. In the mean time you can still vote on the second poll right up to the end of this month (its that box in the top right).

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