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Twitter Announcement…

First can I just say how annoying mentions of Twitter must be to those who don’t use it. I couldn’t see the point myself until I started using it for the blog, in fact even the name used to irritate me. However it does seem to be the easiest way of updating the blog from remote locations (ie anywhere that is outside my flat…), such as TCRRFSKM.

I’ll be trying to give my opinion on how the game is going from the ground tonight, so I’ll move the Twitter Feed up the sidebar so you can all find it easier. This is by no means an attempt to match the text service in the Matchday Stadium by the way, which will explain exactly what is going on, my updates will be general comments on how I think things are going, as well as the key moments.

So open a new page and join me from 7.45pm tonight as the experiment begins against Brighton. Feel free to give me any feedback at any point, although I won’t be able to view my comments or Twitter page during the game I’ll read back after and bear your thoughts in mind…

Also my match photos will be uploaded tomorrow (Wednesday) night, so if you want to see them all check out the Official Anonymous Don Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/The-Anonymous-Don/73526524635), and feel free to sign up for regular updates straight to your Facebook News Feed. Although the photos will largely consist of the first half hour or so as my camera is a bit shit when it gets dark (so if anyone wants to recommend a cheapo alternative get in touch!).

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