The Anonymous Don is 100 (Posts) Old

This very post marks the 100th I have written for The Anonymous Don. Since I started the blog back in March I had no idea how popular it would turn out to be. I still think to a degree I am experimenting… I’m still not using Twitter as effectively as I might, yet the Facebook page has taken off recently. I do occasionaly make spelling, grammatical or just plain factual errors, but I’m hoping to beat them out over the next 100 posts!


A couple of stats for you to let you know how I’ve been getting on;

Posts – 100

Total Page Views – 21,138

Not exactly up there with the top Dons sites, but I seem to have built a regular group of readers, which I promise not to try and scare off with scatalogical references like in the FCUM match report (sorry about that…). If I work hard, who knows how the blog will have progressed in 100 posts time.


One thought on “The Anonymous Don is 100 (Posts) Old

  1. foxtrot_charlie says:

    keep up the good work mate. i’m def a fan of the blog…

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