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The General Specific (Friday 31st July ’09)

8 Days……….

Tomorrow we head off to Farnborough for an absolute feast of football… The reserve kick off the day with a 1200 game against our old CCL opponents and the victims of our first ever home win, Cove FC. Boy, I remember the last time I headed down to Squirrells Close (or whatever its called…) for a 5th November game that saw the Dons run out comfortable winners in a game that lost my interest if I remember, possibly down to being played in the middle of fireworks exploding left right and centre. Nowadays, Cove provide a decent challenge or Marcus Gayle’s young reserves, and I’m heading down to see if I can spot the next Peter Rapson. Expect a full report (probably at the expense of the first team game) on Saturday/early Sunday.

Next up is a quick stroll up Cherrywood Road to see how Farnborough Not Town are faring with their plan to produce the finest stadium in non-league football, and following heartbreak in the playoff final last year, they must be determined to make sure of it this time around having signed a bundle of quality signings, including our former loan striker Kezie Ibe. You may be interested to know that BG Business have given up their sponsorship of the Southern League, so Farnborough will be playing in a division sponsored by a company I have never heard of and now have to look up – the Zamaretto Premier Division.

On top of the ground and squad building, Farnborough are playing out one of the most impressive set of pre-season games I have laid eyes on… along with ourselves they have already played Brentford, Aldershot, Swansea, Southampton and Reading, and after us they face a Chelsea XI as well as hosting Asian Champion League regulars Al-Ahli of the UAE. Quite how this is going to prepare them for a visit by Leamington on their opening day, I’m not sure!

By the way, judging by their website, the boot will be on the other foot for us as far as programmes are concerned as we find ourselves being fleeced £2.50 for a joint effort with the Chelsea game… those who always buy programmes won’t be put off, of course…

In an annoying twist, Terry has announced that the NGU game on Monday will now feature mostly first team players, which makes me almost obliged to attend. In a week when I was intending on writing a number of articles for your pleasure in the build up to the big kick-off, this is more work I’m not sure I really need!

Its now only eight days until we host Luton in our opening game, and you can expect a full preview including the Conference file entry for Luton Town, an AFC Wimbledon squad preview, a ‘sideways look at how I think the season will pan out’ which I am planning on writing not because I think it’ll be funny (it won’t), more than I’m sure someone has had the same idea for WUP (out Saturday… possibly…) and I want to get in first… and maybe, maybe, if I have time, that much talked of Poll Review article will find its way on here.

Talking of polls, an old favourite has joined the AFC Wimbledon blogosphere. Paul Raymond’s legendary It Must Be Dons site has been relaunched as a blog, and can be found here http://imbd.wordpress.com/ or in the links section. So with that, myself, SW19’s, Silverbugle and Fleydons flag blog, there is a sizable AFC blogging community out there (even if I’m not so sure myself about being thrown into a community of bloggers… it sounds like the seventh level of hell to me…).

Lastly, remember the noise we made at Newport last year? I know we were on the road, but there’s no excuse for not replicating that kind of support at home this time around. There’s 4000 of us and 800 of them – wherever you are in the stadium, lets drown ’em out like we did last year, and make sure all our new boys know they’ve joined a special club…

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