Score! Farnboro 2 Dons 1

In a new feature I will be posting score information asap after a game, rather than do what I had been, in other words ignore the game completely until the report is ready (which as you know, can sometimes take a little time…), which made the blog seem a little out of date to passers-by.

Anyway, two scores to report today;

Cove FC (0) 0    AFC Wimbledon Reserves (3) 4 (No scorers, sorry, if anyone can help me out there that would be great…)

Farnborough FC (0) 1    AFC Wimbledon (2) 2 (Johnson, Taylor)

In future Conference Score! will also feature our rivals results that day, a well as any commentary I feel I need to add.

Match report up tomorrow…

One thought on “Score! Farnboro 2 Dons 1

  1. Tony says:

    Reserve scorers yesterday v Cove was
    Elliot Frost
    James Hennessey
    Josh Orlando
    Ollie Killick


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