Daily Archives: August 4, 2009

Callum Morrissey

It has been pointed out to me that Callum Morrisseys name actually is Callum Morrissey. So my apologies to Callum for apologising earlier about calling him his actual name, when in fact I was correct to start with… unless anyone else has a different version of his name? Colin Morrison perhaps? Carl Morris-Sayer?

Terry, sign him up, get him down the gym, and get him on the pitch. I’m only going to get his bloody name right when I see it on the back of his shirt…


Callum Morrisen

A public apology to Callum Morrisen for repeatedly calling him ‘Callum Morrissey’ for the last two days. I stand corrected. Best of luck getting a deal out of the club. Oh, and Terry, if you don’t want to sign him because he isn’t fit, use your contacts to get him a deal at a Ryman/BSS club to get him fit, then take him back when we need him.