Callum Morrissey

It has been pointed out to me that Callum Morrisseys name actually is Callum Morrissey. So my apologies to Callum for apologising earlier about calling him his actual name, when in fact I was correct to start with… unless anyone else has a different version of his name? Colin Morrison perhaps? Carl Morris-Sayer?

Terry, sign him up, get him down the gym, and get him on the pitch. I’m only going to get his bloody name right when I see it on the back of his shirt…


2 thoughts on “Callum Morrissey

  1. Calum Morrissey says:

    Its Calum with one ‘L’….but its all ok. Im upset that i was not able to sign cause of personal reasons. But i had a great time and all the lads and fans were good to me! Hopefully if my situation changes by next year terry will give me another chance. Good luck in the bsp this year and i will be watching all the results. I would write more but im ”im blowing out my ass” haha

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