Sebb Brown

As those of you who have read my match reports will remember, I was against the signing of Sebb Brown. I felt that judging by the performances he had given, he wasn’t good enough to trust sitting on the bench for us. However Terry Brown is the man who ultimately decides who plays for Wimbledon and who doesn’t, and while I disagreed initially with any possibility of offering him a contract, he has signed for us now. He is a Wimbledon player, and can therefore expect my full support as a Wimbledon supporter.

Welcome to AFC Wimbledon, Sebb. The mistakes he made in pre-season can now be put down to the pressure of trying to earn a contract with the club. I’m hoping now should Sebb ever be called on he will really make me eat my words by showing the promise he undoubtedly has – he can certainly count on the support of every Wimbledon fan if and when he makes his debut for the club.

There is a time and a place for criticism. In the pub after the game. On the guestbook later in the evening. Or perhaps even on blogs like this in response to my match report. There will undoubtedly be players on the pitch on Saturday that you perhaps don’t rate as highly as our manager does. But as soon as the lads cross that white line, you have a duty to support your team. If you missed my full article relating to supporter behaviour on Wednesday you can find it here…

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