Conference Score! Saturday 8th August ’09

AFC Wimbledon (0) 1    Main (80)

Luton Town (1) 1    Craddock (14)

A couple of dodgy pens at KM this afternoon saw the points shared (well not really, I don’t know where the other point goes, the referee perhaps?). Report later…

2 thoughts on “Conference Score! Saturday 8th August ’09

  1. alexandra_don says:

    Agree with Mace – Hatton(Hutton) & Godfrey looked like they were 60 secs behind everyone else. Kedwell alone upfront is not going to be a winning option, we looked much better when the 3 subs came on. Overall, we were a bit lucky could have been 2 or 3 down by half time. We need more pace all round the pitch, especially in attack – bring back Finn??

  2. Mace says:

    In a crowd of 4,488 it was quite comfortable in the JS stand towards the KRE. Didn’t hear any negative comments from the fans except one guy took exception to the one minute applause at the before the game. Much more support for the team than normal which is a good sign.

    Can’t comment on the pens ((too far away to see) but in the end I thought we deserved the point. However, it could have been a lot different if hadn’t made it to HT just a goal behind.

    On the negative side (IMO) Hatton and Godfrey looked a little out of their depth but it’s early days.

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