Conference Score! Saturday 15th August ’09

Kettering    (0) 1    Thomas (74)

AFC Wimbledon    (1) 2    Kedwell (9, 66)

AFC Wimbledon drew again and have still not scored from open play this season… at least as far as what I saw of the game. When Danny Kedwell put the Dons ahead on nine minutes, I was stuck on the coach trundling along behind a Combine Harvester somewhere near Northampton…

Our coach eventually made it to the ground, although we didn’t manage to get into the ground for some time. A quick message to any Kettering steward who may be reading; when you see a desperate looking group of supporters attracting your attention by waving tickets at you from outside the ground, the answer you gave ‘What do you want me to do about it?’ was of course incorrect. Plus instead of ushering the late supporters into the ground, letting everyone know they ‘would get into the ground in a few minutes…’ and ‘it’s not my fault your late’ was also incorrect. Sorry. Back to steward school for you…

A half match report will very definitely be complete by tomorrow evening.

One thought on “Conference Score! Saturday 15th August ’09

  1. colin oc wilson says:

    I moved to Engerlund from Scotland a year ago. Yesterday i went on a lovely coach trip that eventually took me through Northamptonshire to Kettering. Unfortunately I missed half of a very expensive game of football. My opinion of Northamptonshire;
    Its flat, its green and there’s really nothing to be seen, its Northamptonshire.
    Another bonus from yesterday was the coach with no air conditioning caused me to loose 3lb in weight.
    A great day out!!!!

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