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Altrincham v AFC Wimbledon – A Match Preview

altySo to avoid any repeat of last weeks catastrophe, where an unfinished match preview on The Anony Don lead to fear, confusion and panic amongst the Dons fanbase, I am starting the Altrincham match preview extra early… sacrificing my all important Second Thoughts on Salisbury. Don’t worry though! You will get a chance to email me in disgust as I only give Luke Moore an 8… in fact the ratings were just about the only thing I haven’t covered after my exhaustive match report…

Its now that I have to drop the bombshell… I won’t be travelling to Altrincham on Saturday. Yes, after bigging them up in pre-season, I will now have to wait until next season to visit. Surely all those Alty fans who inundated me with messages of gratitude after I wrote a nice article about them back in June time will be crying into their beers that they won’t get to reward me with beer and women… not this time lads (the magic of the cup perhaps?).

Plus what a nice bunch they seem to be too. After I inadvertently identified the name of their ground as that of their local rivals and all… After all, those beers I mentioned earlier would have been bought in their bar. Finally a club that isn’t afraid to let the rampaging hordes of violent Wombles into their clubhouse.

Why am I missing the game I don’t hear you ask, but will answer anyway? Well, there’s a family reunion going on at my Aunt and Uncles house, the sort of thing I would normally blow out in a second. The thing is, I hear rumours they’ve got a bit of money my Aunt & Uncle, and as my poor nan used to say to me before she passed on last year – ‘Don’t let them give it all to the church!’. Plus by attending it will buy my wife’s loyalty, at least for long enough to cover the September aways – I even remembered it was my mums birthday today (Old Ma’ Anonymous is a regular reader of this blog, so can I just say now – Happy Birthday!).

After Tuesdays win there is a fair amount of confidence flooding around Kingsmeadow at the moment. Probably only tempered by a quick glance at the league table, which shows our opponents lie in second. Added to the fact it is a ‘£15 coach’ game, suggests we could be in for a tricky trip. Yet early tables are deceiving after all, Alty fans are probably over the moon they are well clear of the relegation zone right now (which in the real world, is what we should be thinking… don’t let me join the real world just yet though, where I’m at right now is fine enough…).

Added to the fact that had ‘The Siege of Langney’ actually resulted in some goals, and their full back not knocked one in the top corner from Pevensey Bay, we would actually be above them right now. In fact we would be above everyone. Also, while we have played leaders Luton and a supposedly improving Kettering, Altrincham have been fortunate enough to have kicked off against teams who haven’t really clicked yet. However, they won three of those games, and no-one is taking that away from them… they are second on merit.

Can they keep their form going though? By all means Saturday is perfectly winnable, yet I suppose a lot of it rests on whether Kedwell is fit, and Main finally brings his shooting boots. Plus whichever of the dozens of midfielders we seem to be storing starts the game need to actually hold possession for a change, otherwise we will be inviting trouble.

Looking at the next couple of away games however, as a side that is always going to attract a strong away following wherever we go we should be looking at four points as a target, especially as they are sandwiching a much trickier home game with Oxford (more on that next week of course…). Luke Moore has been in the local paper saying it’s the fear he will lose his place that is pushing him on to play so well, which sounds strange especially as most predicted a lack of fear the young players have would be a reason we are successful. Perhaps hiking up the pressure in terms of a starting place was part of Terry’s plan all along, to see who sinks and who swims…

Perhaps it is time for me to reveal my predicted lineup…












I feel if Kedwell’s injury had been serious enough to rule him out of Saturdays game, we would have heard about it by now… not that Terry would have allowed the news to leak out of course. So basically, its guesswork! Just hope Terry doesn’t feel the same way… I feel after the rough time Jon Main has had recently he will benefit from the opportunity he had against Luton, of coming on late against a tiring defence, to build up his confidence if anything.

If Terry goes for this it should be an interesting game… and it is a shame to miss it. I will also miss out on the delights of Radio WDON… and the Dons fanbase will miss out on my match reports… Oh well, you only have a few sources to fall back on; the OS, the NLP, BBC Sport website, The Kingston Guardian, the SLP, The Surrey Comet, Radio Jackie, BBC Southern Counties Radio, the local Altrincham press, It Must Be Dons, SW19’s, Silverbugle Womble, AFC WimbledonMAD, AFC Wimbledon TV…. you should get some kind of idea how it went from those?

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