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The General Specific (Sunday 23rd August ’09)

Well I haven’t done one of these for a while… in fact I haven’t missed a game in a while either. In fact the last away game I didn’t attend was last seasons 0-0 bore draw against St Albans, thanks to a particularly well timed bout of flu. I’ve become pretty good at working my obsession to attend as many Dons games as possible around both my family (I manage to plan visiting family around Dons northern away trips…) and my friends (I have now lost contact with all but two of them… one is in Canada and the other follows a similar lifestyle to mine, just with Manchester United…).

On occasions like Saturday, I find myself backed into a corner. My dad lives in the north, so doesn’t find his way south too often, so it was an obvious decision to blow out the game for this one. I still feel slightly guilty though… like when I used to persuad my mum I was sick, then just bum around the house when I should have been at school… And the person you might expect to have the biggest problem about it, Mrs Anony Don, is actually really supportive (a good attitude that is being rewarded by me taking her camping when I should be at the Tamworth game…).

Now I’ve remembered that I normally start these articles with some random drivel about me, on to some other stories that I may have missed out on over the last couple of weeks. Firstly, there have been some non first team games over the weekend, and I’m glad to say the news is good!

After last Tuesdays goalfest, when they managed to see off Uxbridge 5-1, the Reserves made it two wins out of two at their new home, The Waterside Stadium (home of Walton Casuals, partly improved by the money raised by three competitive fixtures against the Dons back in our CCL days…). This time they saw off Beaconsfield SYCOB Reserves 2-0. Marcus Gayle is getting the most out of our young players – however the question has to be asked how these boys can prove they are worthy of moving up to the first team in such a poor league? Although results are only secondary at that stage of a players development, surely they will be pushing for the title before moving to a more challenging environment next term.

This morning the Under 19s, still in pre-season action, took apart LA FC Academy by three goals to nil. I gather the LA FC Acadamy falls under the umbrella of the Chelsea Acadamy, so when the O/S mentions the game was played away I presume this means Cobham and not California… The Under 18s finished their preseason unbeaten after last Thursdays 1-1 draw with Carshalton, and commence their Ryman Youth League campaign in early September, including an FA Youth Cup tie (presumably at the Meadow) against Kentish Town on the 10th.

Last but certainly not least the Ladies side have started their London & South East Regional League campaign with two wins, after beating Garston Ladies in their first game at their new home at Corinthian Casuals 1-0 they followed up today by brushing aside Madstone United 3-0 away from home. With form like that it won’t be long before glory hunting bloggers like myself jump on the bandwagon and head off down there on a Sunday…

A few articles to come this week. One of them relating to the old polls, and onother introducing a new one on a contentious issue… This won’t get in the way of a full preview of Oxford on Saturday (and doesn’t waiting a week feel a long time? We have been spoiled with the frequency of games so far!)

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Conference Score and Match Reaction Altrincham 23.8.09

Firstly, and just in case anyone has tuned in late not knowing the score…

Altrincham    (0) 0

AFC Wimbledon    (0) 1    Kedwell (82)

And that, if you didn’t know, has taken AFC Wimbledon into 4th place. True, only five games have been played, but for the young Wimbledon side this is more experience. Perhaps next year, we may be in fourth place preparing to face the league leaders with five games to go?

In truth, we probably don’t have the experience, as well as a lack of depth among our striking options, to hold up a serious playoff challenge over the course of this season. Look at how Kettering tailed off last year when they became preoccupied with the FA Cup. I expect a decent run in the FA Cup this year, and perhaps a huge push to get to Wembley in the Trophy.

I expect this season to be exciting. I also think we will win more games than we lose. Yet for every battling away win at places like Altrincham we are going to trip up in the manner we did at Eastbourne… especially in situations where the pressure is on. Plus although Salisbury rolled over for us last Tuesday, we are going to come across opponents hanging around the bottom half who will all of a sudden become very hard to break down.

I expect us to give Oxford a really good game on Saturday. Yet it’s how we perform in the following two games against Grays and Tamworth that will decide whether we are still in the playoff places come 5pm on the first Saturday of September. Looking further ahead, at some point Danny Kedwell’s rich goalscoring form will come to an end. He’s never been prolific anywhere he has been – even last year it was more about the goals he created than the many he scored.

Plus Terry has already spoken about his desire for Luke Moore to chip in with a few goals this term. If Moore can hit twenty this season, as he has the tallent to achieve, perhaps that will take the pressure off Jon Main a little. The fact that no league sides came in for Main last summer probably has more to do with the fact he was under contract, and we would have asked for silly money. Yet even if he was a free agent, I can’t believe clubs would have been falling overthemselves to sign him. Perhaps he would have got a trial here or there, I don’t think anything would have come from it.

As I have said previously though, Main is still getting chances. Perhaps against Oxford or Grays he will race clear of the defence and stick it away this time, then chances are he will start chipping in goals. My biggest problem at the moment is we haven’t seen any goals from midfield. With players like Hatton and Taylor, even Duncan, shouldn’t we have seen a goal from one of them in the last five games?

Like the league table however, the goalscoring charts are normally skewed by early season form that cannot be kept up over the course of the season. I’m sure by the end of September we will be in a position to judge our strengths and weaknesses a little better. Until then, and looking at some of the fixtures we have coming up, my only recommendation to you all is just to enjoy it!

Finally, I heard a supporter of ours collapsed at the game yesterday, apparently the Altrincham stewards dealt with it very efficiently. I don’t know the fan in question, but needless to say my thoughts, and those of all Dons fans, are with them now.

PS In case you missed the earlier news, I wasn’t at the game so there will be NO MATCH REPORT from me. Never mind, to make up here are some offerings from the media, and some of my fellow fan sites;

Local Guardian/Surrey Comet –http://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/sport/football/4561030.Still_so_much_to_come_purrs_Dons_boss_Brown/

BBC Sport (for a laugh more than anything, see the description for the Alty chance…) – http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_conf/8207946.stm

BBC Sport text commentary – http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/w/afc_wimbledon/live_text/default.stm

Altrincham O/S report ***Excellent*** – http://www.altrinchamfc.co.uk/090822an.htm

It Must Be Dons – http://imbd.wordpress.com/2009/08/22/long-journey-for-3-lovely-points/

SW19s – http://sw19s-army.derrymeeleen.com/wp/?p=3904

AFC WimbledonMAD – http://www.afcwimbledon-mad.co.uk/news/loadroll.asp?cid=ED81&id=459412

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Second Thoughts… Salisbury Ratings…

I’m playing catch up right now…

Pullen    7

Garrard    6

Hussey    7

Gregory    7

Lorraine    7

Johnson    7

Hatton    6

Wellard    6

Kedwell    8

Main    5

Moore    9


Judge    6

Taylor    7

Duncan    6

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