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Playing Music After Goals – AGAINST!

The poll is closed. The results are in. And you voted as follows…

music votes

I closed the poll tonight after the symbolic number of 88 people had voted (because of the cup win obviously, not because I’m a fascist…), and I have to say I am pleased with the way the voting went. My faith in Dons fans has been restored. Having said that, I am quite surprised that 32% of Dons fans in this admittedly small sample still support the idea.

While we were all voting however, a comment was posted by Phillo in Responses, which contained the following;

Did you happen to notice the first 4 goals against Salisbury hadn’t been garnished with a post goal song? Neither were any of our other home goals this season.

Ironically for you I’d decided to see before the season started to not play them this season.

So, from the horses mouth, there will be NO goal music this season! Although to be fair Phillo, ‘our other home goals this season’ amount to a Jon Main penalty against Luton. Couple this with the knowledge Mikey T has never been big into playing music either, and its great to know that it will be atmosphere all the way at Kingsmeadow when the ball hits the back of our opponents net.

One minor can of worms was opened, and I know a couple of people mentioned this on Old Centrals, but below is a comment left in Responses for the original article.

I do think there’s a time and a place for it, depending on the situation. i.e. if its a last minute consolation goal, no music (it would be an insult). if its a last minute winner, no music (the crowd will suffice). if its the 5th for 5-0, sure, why not, it will be carnival mode so why not play music, more still, an apt tune??

I’m sure a few people had this in mind when they voted ‘Yes’, and it is indeed an iconic celebratory anthem. But does a ‘No’ vote really mean we won’t ever hear it again? I would like to think in the unlikely event that we hit five without reply in future, whoever is on the PA has this little number to hand. Just as long as no-one thinks its a good idea to bring back the ‘Selhurst Bugle’ every time we get a corner.

Here’s hoping we get the chance to celebrate several times on Saturday against Oxford!

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