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The General Specific (Friday 28th August ’09)

At last! The final piece of the jigsaw has been completed. Ross Montague has joined from Brentford, where he has been recuperating from a knee injury. Which suggests that either Brentford don’t rate him, or Brentford don’t think he will recover match fitness lostĀ from his injury any time soon. Either way, who cares! Brentford are League One now (bless ’em!), so naturally he should still be able to do a job for us.

Plus… Terry has been tracking him for TWO years!? How good does that make you feel… we were in the Ryman League back then. It wouldn’t surprise me if after the forms were faxed off to the Conference and the FA, Terry relaxed in his chair, lit a huge cigar and said ‘I love it when a plan comes together…’. Who knows which stars of the future TB has his eyes on.

Montague has now been stolen away from Brentford and stored in a hidden garden behind the John Smiths, where we hope it won’t take eighteen years for him to blossom into a fit, hungry striker. In fact we will be looking for him to bolster the strike force within weeks, what with Jon Main suffering in front of goal, Danny K seemingly held together with selotape and youth prospect Peter Rapson not yet getting the chances he seemed to have been promised.

A sixty minute turnout for the reserves against Uxbridge on Tuesday should help (and should help bolster the attendance at the Waterside… at least by half a dozen). On the subject of the Reserves, they continued their decent start with a 4-1 win over at Basingstoke on Wednesday. First team players on display included Elliott Godfrey and Ricky Wellard, with Kenny Adjei gettingĀ some important match time under his belt.

Montague aside, we have been informed by the gaffer that the entire squad ‘may’ be called on for the two games this weekend. I don’t think anyone is in doubt he won’t field his full strength side tomorrow against Oxford, however how he could know himself who he will use against Grays I don’t know, after all Grays probably haven’t even signed half the players they will field on Monday yet…

Finally, normal ervice will be resumed over the weekend starting with the Oxford United match report (Sunday-ish?)… Heres to six points by Monday evening…

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