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Tamworth v AFC Wimbledon – A Match Preview

tamworthHaving being given the all clear to attend the Tamworth game on Saturday by Mrs Anony Don, I approach this match preview with renewed excitement. The only problem is I know very little of Tamworth… which is never usually a problem in terms of writing a preview as you know. I did have the pleasure of spending the early evening in a pub with someone who has actually visited Tamworth’s ground, and their opinion of it was ‘It’s a bit Non-League…’. Really? Who would have thunk it?

Tamworth have had a similar start to the Dons, and are showing the sort of form that suggests they won’t be struggling at the bottom of the table come April. Having said that, we know from personal experience that when Terry Brown included Grays in his list of ‘very strong teams’ that Tamworth have taken points from this term, he might have exaggerated their ability slightly…

Plus the Dons have an intimidating away record so far (except for when we murdered Eastbourne 0-1 of course…), meaning we are seeing the clash of an immovable object and an unstoppable force (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on which team is which). Their Lamb Ground stadium looks like your typical non-league stadium from photos I hve seen (sorry for doubting you, pub guy) and it seems on an afternoon where rain is expected, we are stuck on a crappy uncovered terrace once again…

Anyway, credit to Tamworth for not charging us £16 to stand on it, in fact you can gain access to the ground for the very same £12 you would pass over the turnstiles at Kingsmeadow, meaning we should in theory see similar numbers that ventured north for Kettering (bearing in mind the nondescript nature of the opposition may put a few off…).

The Dons don’t seem to have picked up any further injuries following the Bank Holiday weekend, so if, uhm. whoever the Tamworth manager is happens to be reading this, he can be assured the following predicted lineup is probably pretty accurate.












The biggest question is whether Ross Montague will play any part after his goal for the reserves against Uxbridge in the week, otherwise we could see a similar XI to that above. Perhaps Main might get a start after his two penalties on Monday, in which case Moore will drop back into midfield and Duncan to the bench (in my opinion).

As I am at the game, once again there will be the full Anonymous Don service including match report and second thoughts… and having said that, I think I may have forgotten something…

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