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AFC Wimbledon v Cambridge United – (The Laziest Ever) Match Preview

OK… I forgot to put together a match preview. Sorry. I found this website with the most pointless waste of time games on the web (which can be found here… http://www.pointlesssites.com/games-and-puzzles.asp) so have spent the last hour pointlessly wasting my time… Yes I am 31, unfotunately so is my IQ… Plus I have dinner with the missus this evening, so might wrote a bit more around midnight – keep ’em peeled!

Until then, heres the O/S preview…


And heres something I wrote about Cambridge in pre-season, in the short lived Conference Files series… Yes its hopelessly out of date (Cambridge United are geared up for a return to the Football League ha ha!), but hey… its something.


Enjoy, and maybe if you check in the morning there will be something else worth reading!

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