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Second Thoughts… Cambridge United 12.9.09

First off, there will be no further mention by me of Sebb Brown. At least as far as Saturdays performance is concerned. It appears that I am in the minority relating to my opinion of Browns reliability and potential, but hey, I’m not going to apologise for speaking my mind. It was an opinion, thats all, and its good to know I can disagree with the majority of the fanbase… I was starting to think we had developed some kind of mass shared conscience for a second…

The question I should really be dwelling on is whether this was a point gained or two points dropped? We obviously had a few hairy moments, but my overall feeling was Cambridge were there for the taking. Plus after playing Luton and Oxford at home, with Wrexham to come, I wonder how we will fare in the reverse fixtures. Plus we must also take into account (and this is purely my opinion) that we have been playing just as well away as we have at home.

Yes we have only conceded three goals at home in our four games, but going to places like Kettering and Altrincham and coming away with the points may sound simple but in practice is a whole lot harder. Plus coming from two down at Tamworth was no cakewalk. I think we will learn a lot more about our side over the next couple of weeks, where all the games seem winnable (even that Tuesday night trip to Rushden).

Anyway, some match ratings…

Brown    5

Conroy    6

Hussey    6

Gregory    5

Lorraine    7

Johnson    8

Hatton    5

Wellard    5

Kedwell    5

Moore    5

Duncan    5


Main    6

Taylor    5

Montague    6

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