Ebbsfleet United v AFC Wimbledon – A Match Preview

The bad news first. I will be unable to attend the game myself thanks to a short term financial crisis caused by having to buy two tickets from Heathrow to Boston Logan over the Christmas period… unfortunately I do value being able to eat at least one decent meal a day over one game of football, and unfortunately Mrs Anonymous Don definitely does… although if her family lived in Guildford we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. Grrr….

Having said that, I should have known this would happen. Whenever we face a trip to Northfleet something happens that prevents me attending. To be honest I’m actually more worried about missing the trip to Rushden later in the month than this one (although if I haven’t got the money by then something will have gone terribly wrong…). Yet it’s still annoying, after all heading into October it sounds a lot better to say ‘I’ve only missed one game this season…’ than ‘The only games I’ve missed are…’. Especially as I am supposed to be informing the world of all things AFC Wimbledon through the medium of this blog…

Missing the game will also mean there is no match report… unless someone would like to volunteer a report? Seriously, it can be as long or short as you like, in any style you want. I absolutely guarantee I will use it… drop me an email using the address in the ‘Contact’ section above…

Anyway, on to the game itself. I already did a piece in the summer about Ebbsfleet, the usual MyFC bashing and some background which bear in mind will be a bit dated, but you can read it here – https://anonymousdon.wordpress.com/2009/06/07/the-conference-files-ebbsfleet-united/.

The Fleet fans have obviously had bigger news to digest this week, with the local council buying their Stonebridge Road ground to safeguard the clubs future there. However there is some internet chatter about the game including the return of Luke Moore. Unfortunately their supporters seem to have a ‘realistic’ view of how the game will turn out, many predicting a Dons win, which only means those predicting a win for Ebbsfleet will undoubtedly be proved right…

Don’t worry though, superstitious types out there. The mere lack of my presence means something memorable is going to happen. Our hosts haven’t scored in any of their last three games, which suggests they are overdue a goal (either that or they’re crap. I suppose we’ll find out on Saturday…). Still, there are no easy away games in this division, except for Grays but I imagine we caught them at just the right time.

The Dons team news is up, and Terry is already talking a couple of games ahead to Crawley and his squad rotation plans. The good news is that Jamie Pullen is back in the squad, along with Alan Inns. I would imagine one of them will start on Saturday… but which one? I better reveal all with my anticipated starting XI (feels like I haven’t done one of these for a while…)












Rather than last weeks 4-3-3, a return to the 4-4-2 lineup with a hungry Luke Moore alongside Kedwell, I would imagine Ross Montague may get a start in the next couple of weeks, but we will see him on the bench come Saturday. We know we won’t be seeing Elliott Godfrey, and with Moore supporting Kedwell we should see Lewis Taylor start, presumably down the right. No Derek Duncan should mean a return for Kenny Adjei, presuming he is fit. Our 1-6 are a done deal, ignoring squad numbers of course…

All this talk of the game on Saturday has now made me feel much worse. I may have to beg, borrow, or steal the money to attend (preferably the first or last… I have the scruffy face and stubbly beard at the moment, plus the elderly have just been paid…). Failing that, enjoy yourself those that are attending, and those that aren’t I suppose I’ll see you in the matchday stadium…

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