AFC Wimbledon v Kidderminster Harriers – A Match Preview

khfcI’ll be honest. I didn’t know much about Kidderminster before I sat down to write this. I know its in Worcestershire. I also know they make a lot of carpets there. Which should make us their natural enemies seeing as though most of South-West London ripped up their wall to wall shag pile years ago for natural hardwood flooring (or at the very least, varnishing the existing floorboards…).

But this is not a preview aimed at mocking Kidderminster (who lets not forget are an ex-League club, for what it’s worth). I’m sure Kidderminster fans know as little about us as we do them. The tightness of the division at this early stage means except for Oxford, we haven’t been able to sit up and pay attention to rivals as much. No-one has really stood out (including us). So maybe they have heard a little about the history, or seen that some bloke called Kedwell has bagged double figures already, but from then on it’s all new.

Fortunately Terry Brown has done his research, and posted his view of Kidderminster shortly after I began writing this, thus destroying any desperation that I may have had concerning the need to possibly do my own research. I had noticed the names Barnes-Homer and Smikle popping up in the scorers section, but the names only stuck because, well, they’re a bit silly. Barnes-Homer sounds like a rugby player and Smikle like something out of Lord of the Rings… although I gather it is pronounced more like the goalkeeper…

Fortunately for me, I write a blog about AFC Wimbledon, so I will concentrate on the home team from here on in. Lets start by throwing a few of those stats back in the Official Sites face! Kidderminster have only lost one in their last six? Well, Wimbledon have lost none in the last seven… or two in the last fourteen. Dodgy home form was alluded to as well. Is this the same slack home form that has seen only one defeat (to the runaway leaders), and three goals conceded?

Anyway, the big news of the day has been the revelation that Luke Garrard has gone to Borehamwood for a short loan spell in order to get some game time under his belt. Indeed the message board has been hot all day with discussion about Luke… sadly not Garrard however, more that knob who has generated a whole load of negative publicity for the club… good work by the way, dickhead. The fact that this story was deemed to be bigger than Garrard’s situation by the fanbase in general suggests (i) some of our fans don’t believe we could be harbouring any troublemakers despite pulling in huge crowds (ii) another section are secretly rubbing themselves off at the news that a serious hooligan was in their midst all this time without them realising, and of course (iii) the news was completely expected.

With Sam doing such a good job at right-back, to the point he seems to have dislodged the excellent Jay Conroy, that third choice Garrard was always going to be in danger of being pushed toward the exit door. I can understand why he asked to go on loan. If he does get the chance to leave in January, he can put himself in the shop window now. On the other hand, the club will want to keep him ready should the Hatton experiment fail, or we suffer a midfield injury crisis, or Jay Conroy gets injured or suspended.

Moving on, it’s slightly worrying to find there appears to be a virus sweeping through the squad. Even more worrying is that it seemed to originate from Jon Main, the striker for whom everything he has touched this year seems to have turned to shit. I can’t help but think Mainy must have run over a dozen black cats, pissed off a lot of gypsies, and smashed dozens of mirrors (probably during shooting practice…). Either that or he is saving it all up for the biggest goal in the clubs history, probably to win the replay that takes us to Old Trafford in the FA Cup or something…

Paul Lorraine has been affected by man-flu too, which a few weeks ago may have caused some panic, but one of the repeated knocks on the head that Alan Inns has received seems to have turned him into a quality Conference centre-half. Innsy apparently drew blood for the cause once again at Rushden on Tuesday, although he can now no longer remembers where he lives… the other player affected is Ricky Wellard… I know, when I read that I thought ‘thank fuck its no-one important’ too, but the chance this disease could be on the spread is cause for concern.

Hopefully we will see a bigger crowd than the one that graced us last week however. If you have a mate thats been talking of taking in an AFCW game then this week might be the week to bring them. Although, despite the close nature of the division I hope the fact we are fourth may have an impact, as any fair-weather floaters may have been put of by our awful form dropping us down to twelfth… either that or there are several hundred of us who are really put off by draws (like Mrs Anonymous Don, brought up in a country where winners are everything, losers are nothing, and those who draw are communists… I had to explain to her last week why in reality it’s not really preferable to ‘sometimes wish they lost as its better than drawing’…).

Predicted line up time…












Firstly, its not cheating if someone is touch and go due to illness that I select an alternative. Secondly I really think this one stands a great chance of being the first time I get it 100% right. I know it Terry pretty much gave it away and it was virtually identical to Tuesday, but still, allow me a rare victory. As usual, it would be great to hear your opinions, especially those who agree with me…

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7 thoughts on “AFC Wimbledon v Kidderminster Harriers – A Match Preview

  1. Sussex Harrier says:

    Well, i’m not back here to gloat, but I thought we won through today in an excellent advert for Blue Square football (if that’s what you want to call it). Both sides had a number of chances but we just shaded it on the day, and held out for the win in true Harriers fashion. MBH had his chance, and took it!

    Unfortunately I had the pleasure of visiting a pub called ‘The Albert’ before the game rather than your club; I know London is pricey, but £8.63 for two beers? Come on!

    At least I got three points for my money. Drop me a line when you visit in February, and I will give you all the info you need to know.

    Sussex Harrier

    • anonymousdon says:

      Sorry Sussex Harrier, you did hit upon one of the most expensive pubs in town! They’re still paying for a refurbishment a couple of years ago and are close enough to Richmond Park to get away with it…

      Well done on gaining three points, we’ll be looking to get them back in February… just working on the match report now, is going to be very different to your view of the game!

  2. Sussex Harrier says:

    The carpet industry has been in rapid decline over many years in Kidderminster and most of the factories here have now been demolished or in use for other things (none of them similar trades) which is a shame. I think Brintons (by far the biggest) is one of the few that still operate although I think i’m right in thinking that most of their business is conducted elsewhere now with them being such a global company!

    So when we get called the ‘carpet munchers’, then maybe people should do a bit more research first!

    I’m looking forward to the trip tomorrow (a new ground for me, I didn’t make it to any of the times we’ve visited Kingstonian), but I no longer live in Sussex (it’s an old forum name I still use) so it’s a train from Kiddy in the morning for me!

    • anonymousdon says:

      Yeah, its a shame, but nowhere really has an industry of its own any more – at least not in this country. Instead the majority of people work in something called ‘customer service’ regardless of what they actually do for a living! Anyway I hope you and your fellow visitors are allowed the use of our bar before the game, theres a big difference between you and Luton… and if for whatever reason we don’t try and find a friendly Dons fan to ferry your drinks out to the car park, where hopefully the sun will shine for you – it beats that horrible feeling of necking a drink at the Peel at ten to three and having to speed walk up the hill to catch kickoff!

  3. Sussex Harrier says:

    Hi there,

    I thoroughly enjoyed the brief description of Kidderminster! Bear in mind that some Harriers fans may know the threat of Mr Kedwell; he was on trial here a couple of years back and he’s obviously a well known face around the non-league scene.

    Expect a reasonable (and noisy!) following from Worcestershire and Brian Smikle is indeed an exciting player to look out for along with MBH upfront. Nathan Hayward is an exciting prospect in midfield but he will most likely start on the bench.

    Good luck after tomorrow and enjoy your trip to Aggborough in February! (the best food in football will warm you up)

    • anonymousdon says:

      Thanks for the additional info, Sussex Harrier! Of course if a certain blogger had done a bit more research beforehand, we would have known about this already… Hope for noisy opposition after the home fans were embarrased for long periods by visitors from Crawley and Histon recently. It might wake us all up a bit!

      Needless to say Im looking forward to the trip, my uncle actually works for a Kidderminster based carpet company, cant remember which although Brintons made him redundant last year… so needless to say no excuse for any lack of knowledge next time!

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