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Forest Green Rovers v AFC Wimbledon – A Match Preview

Well, I’ve been out of the loop for a few days, struck down with a virus but I’m now back fighting fit ready for the trip down to Gloucestershire. Friendly fans have been promised that will welcome us into their bar, buy us beer and let us share their women… well I’m sure it won’t be like that, but we will I’m assured get more than the usual welcome of sullen faced teens in tracksuits and bored looking police officers… sorry my last away trip was Tamworth and I still haven’t quite got over it.

I have to start with the news that, finally, someone has said something! That it needed to be James Pullen is saying something. I really think that the cracks have been papered over for too long, but Pullen is right about the lack of atmosphere at Kingsmeadow. The problem is Pullen had to speak out, as Terry Brown rounds off just about every interview by ‘Thanking the fans for their excellent support…’. So a few people have sat there thinking that what passed as an atmosphere at recent games against Histon and more noticably Kidderminster was acceptable. No!

The fact is, without making more of this than I have to, we can all do a little bit better. So lets pull our fingers out and make a bit of noise, yes? Interesting that Jamie chose this time to speak out, not having another home game for over a week… anyway. Case closed.

Lets reopen the Jon Main saga. Now I wasn’t particularly kind about Mainys recent performances the last time I wrote, and had to deflect some angry(ish) criticism of that (see Kidderminster comments…). I have to say, I did take the piss a bit, and before anyone says it, no I couldn’t do better. But then I was a goalkeeper. And judging by Main’s eagerness to get the gloves on during warmups he’s probably better than me there as well… Yet every time Main touched the ball, something went wrong.

I haven’t published my match ratings for Kidderminster, but Mainy managed to pick up the lowest mark I have given anyone all season – 3 (to put that in context the average mark I have given this year is 5.9). Following his four goal haul on Tuesday I’m sure Main will be surging with confidence, but will another barren outing just shatter that?

Now for my predicted lineup –












Despite a couple of toothless performances we should see Montgomery retain his place, with Main on the bench once more. Expect Hatton to move back to midfield to make way for the return of Jay Conroy.

Our two previous defeats have seen us bounce back with a win on the road. FGR have turned a corner following the appointment of their new manager, yet lets hope the Dons have enough in the tank to come away with a victory. Full match report will follow on Sunday…

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