The Magic Of The Cup II

Our 1-1 draw on Saturday has brought the teams together to settle the tie once and for all, this time the Dons have the dubious advantage of home turf, and we all know the reward for winning through (but none of us are talking about it, right?). Actually I haven’t been able to check whether Crawley internet chat has balanced out some loose tongues amongst the Dons fans regarding the possibility of playing Millwall, in the eyes of the Football Gods this could have cancelled their ire towards us… I have registered for their forum, but can’t remember my login details, or be bothered to look them up. I’ve always thought having a closed forum was a sign of a very self-important football club – like the majority of people really need to be kept from such top-secret information.

Anyway, time constraints mean a full preview is impossible, the game kicks off tonight at 7.45, get yourself down to the Meadow and cheer the lads over the line.

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