The General Specific (Tuesday 17th November ’09)

I haven’t written for a while, thanks to the ‘real world’ gate crashing my blogging party last week. Not that I didn’t try, but I will spare the world my car crash effort of a Millwall report. How something so positive could turn into something absolutely depressing is beyond me, and I wrote it…

A few belated thoughts on Millwall. If we put in that sort of performance against Conference opposition week in, week out, we will undoubtedly be up among the playoff contenders at the end of the season. Yet the memories that will last longest in my head will undoubtedly be the fantastic atmosphere in the stands that night (sorry Lewis…). We can only dream of the days we get the chance to repeat that on a regular basis, until then there is a chance we could suffer from post-FA Cup syndrome, not just on the pitch but in the stands as well. Can we not all try our best to recreate that atmosphere at Kingsmeadow?

I know that its tougher as we are more spread around, but the lower roofs can aid us. It shouldn’t just be the handfull in the Tempest who keep the atmosphere going, it should be coming from all sides of the ground. I resolve to sing a bit more from my usual position behind the dugout, rather than just loudly abuse the officials/opposition when things aren’t going our way.

I wasn’t at Barrow on Saturday, it coincided with my birthday, and my wife lined up a day of birthday celebrations. Which ultimately ended in a row at the Indian restaurant we went to eat at. It was a nice meal and all, but the customer service was shocking. If you ever find yourself in Surbiton and fancy a curry, don’t visit Joy in Brighton Road! There are another three you can visit within 100 yards anyway, which means my search for a new curry house will not be a long one…

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t earn my supporter stripes by joining the longest and most awkward trip of the season… and I still haven’t seen the Dons play north of Bradford. Bring on York and Gateshead thats all I can say! A few comments on the game if I may. I keep hearing reference to a Lewis Taylor dummy in not-so complementary terms, but I can’t look back far enough on the guestbook to find out what happened (well done to the Gimps for keeping the guestbook open, by the way). I’ll leave commentary on that to the 337 travelling Dons…

It seems as though Sebb Browns appearance earned glowing reviews, which is good news considering Jamie Pullen is now out for a month with a cracked ankle bone. I intitially though Jack Turner should be given his League debut, but for Sebb to come along and turn in a decent performance, it really takes the pressure off the manager perhaps being tempted into that. Plus if Jack comes in and has a terrible spell it could damage his confidence and actually hinder his development. Remember, Sebb is expendable in that sense, Jack certainly shouldn’t be.

On the subject of our young goalkeeping prodigy, his performance in the last round of the Youth Cup inspired my early optimism that he may be promoted to the first team. I think I mentioned in my report, he really looked like a man among boys, and is like a twelfth man for the side. He is in action, along with his promising colleagues, in the Second Round tomorrow at Kingsmeadow. I can’t stress enough how important it would be to the lads if a decent crowd turned out for this one. It would be tough to pick out one to look out for, but keep an eye open in particular for the two tricky, pacy forwards Matt Harmsworth and James Cottee, as well as captain Harry Knock.

This is the first time the Under 18’s have played a League sides youth setup in competitive football, mainly due to this being the first time the young Dons have qualified for the tournament proper. Bournemouth may be a league club, but with a decent home crowd firmly behind them, who knows? Perhaps they can teach the First team a thing or two about beating Football League sides, and in the process become the first Dons side in the AFC era to play on a Premier League ground, as a trip to the Reebok awaits the winner of this tie.

As for the first team, well a visit from York is going to be tough, especially with our home record in recent weeks. With a packed fixture list between now and Christmas (especially if we require a replay in our FA Trophy first round game), its time to get some form together. The New year could bring a gentle run towards midtable, or a decent Trophy run coupled with a playoff push, and I have a feeling the next few weeks will determine which we will see…

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