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Belated Happy New Year

So I’m back in the country… or to be more accurate I’ve been back in the country for ten days, I’ve only just gotten around to writing something, but for the purposes of this post… I’ve just arrived back. So what did I miss?

Well a lot of inclement weather apparently (although Xmas in New Hampshire meant I was in the midst of PLENTY of inclement weather…) which has caused the cancellation of Crawley (a), Tooting (a), Hayes (a), Wrecsam (h), Altrincham (h). Oh, and Tooting (a)… again. Hang on, did I say Hayes away? We wish… I wasn’t even able to attend (thanks to a young ‘un screaming his head off for most of my seven hour flight, or more accurately the young ‘un’s parents complete lack of control of their child, causing me to collapse into sleep on arrival back at Anonymous Mansions), which is probably a bonus, but great way to start the year, eh?

I’m not going to write any more about the negatives. I’m already having panic attacks having completed my annual New Year audit of finances, the result of which was ohmygodImfuckedImfuckedImgoingtojailImfucked not pleasing… Precisely how many away games I can get to this year remains to be seen, I may have to sell that pristine 1993 FA Cup Final Replay programme to finance my way through February’s away games…

So you may have to put up with reduced content from AFC Wimbledon’s Premier blog (no change there then) unless someone wants to sponsor me? For the small sum of, say £50 a month you could take advantage of The Anonymous Don Brought To You By [YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE]’s literally* hundreds of visitors a day… just throwing it out there…

(*  read ‘imaginary’…)

While the weather has been rough of late (still not rough enough for your Anonymous Don to bag any time off work… grrr….), its showing some signs of improvement, perhaps just in time for Tuesdays FA Trophy game with Altrincham to go ahead. While I’m not confident enough to go ahead and write a match preview just yet, perhaps if we all cross our fingers and wish hard enough we might just see some football in a couple of days!

The Dons have leapt into the transfer market and snaffled Peterborough fullback Danny Blanchett on loan until the end of the season. This is the sort of signing we’ve been waiting for since Chris Hussey left, he sounds like a proper replacement and although he hasn’t quite made it at Peterborough he seems to have had a decent spell on loan to Hereford in League Two, and his non-League upbringing is impressive. Plus that trial he had at Liverpool where apparently he made a real impression on their coaching staff. The fact that he can play as a centre half always makes me feel quite comfortable… we know Jay Conroy can do it and when we had Brett Johnson lining up on the other side we seemed a lot more comfortable at the defending side of things, hopefully Danny will be able to add the offensive aspect of the job more than Brett could, for all his efforts.

And will we add another newcomer shortly? My only hope is yes, as although the whole goalscoring midfielder problem seems to have been solved by the arrival of Will Hendry, we still need someone who can put the ball in the box accurately on a regular basis. For all I know they could have shown signs of doing this in recent weeks, it seems like years since that Boreham Wood game in December, the last time I saw any live football. I mean seriously, its been like those few weeks before pre-season… what was that famous quote again? Oh yeah, I just want to watch football…

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