So the Dons went down 2-1 tonight and the wonder of modern technology means Im lucky enough to be writing this from the M23. So apologies for the lack of grammar…
I know this will probably echo most comments you will read but we sucked tonight. We sucked in the same manner that a certain South African one notoriously sucked a horses penis. Five points dropped from two games and you have to say we are thankful that Chesters demise and results going our way means we still technically are still in the hunt.
But after tonight? Seriously? We are capable of so much more… but ‘efforts’ like tonight are why we are going to fall short. We only seriously threatened in stoppage time, and were lacklustre when chasing the game.
Oh well. Who’s coming to Harrow?…
More (Moore, Moore…) tomorrow lunchtime if I can drag myself away from my pot noodle and Bloons Tower Defense 4…
PS : The referee managed to make himself look more of a giant hairy ladypart than Steve Evans… Well done sir…

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