No, I’m not dead.

The timing of my return was quite delicately planned. I had no interest in writing of our last league game of the season (which contrary to what the OS might say was actually the Rushden game on 5th April…), and the less said about last Wednesdays innovative production of The Tortoise And The Hare the better. I am back, however, just in time for perhaps THE biggest off-season in the history of football in Wimbledon since that long summer of 2002.

We move from semi-pro to full professional status at a time when, as some season ticket holders will be all too aware, the club doesn’t even seem able to stamp an envelope correctly… Ok, I was being slightly tongue-in-cheeky there, but the point remains the club needs to embrace professionalism throughout the organisation. In some ways we are already light years ahead of clubs in our division, and yet… Switching to full professionalism, while not raising costs as much due to a smaller squad of 18 rather than the 25 or so we had on the books this season, does raise expectations. 

I think most supporters would be looking for us to build on this seasons impressive start, certainly the often trotted out ‘the players are tired’ reason won’t hold as much weight in April 2011 as it did this April. We can only hope regular training will improve the injury situation, five serious knee injuries next season will pretty much decimate the squad (I almost wrote ‘defecate’ there, although it probably would have still read the same…).

Plus it seems as though those cut from the squad in last weeks Great Purge do seem to be those mostly affected by injury and unavailability. I’ll write-up my thoughts on the leavers later in the week, but for now I can only say the likes of Ross Montague would probably have earned a contract had they had more match time to prove themselves. Carrying an injury prone player in an eighteen man squad wouldn’t be a wise idea…

And can I just say its great to have time once more to write this blog again. While the posts might be shorter I’m hoping they might be a bit more concise this time around…

Action from our Surrey Senior Cup Semi-Final defeat at Godalming. Just to brighten the place up a little...


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