Addicks Lined Up For Pre-Season Cash-In

Ah, the election is over once more… That one day when politics is where it’s at, I stay up until 2.30am watching the early results come in, only to wake up dribbling on the sofa at 6.20 to find its all changed, and yes your worse fears/great hope has come to pass… and those two options aren’t mutually exclusive by the way. Sadly it seems like the end for Scottish Cyclops Gordon Brown, I being one of the few remaining people in the country to have any sympathy for him… I don’t read the papers you see, plus he seems to share my ‘spend it today, cos someone might try to take it off you tomorrow’ budgeting principle.

Hopefully I might have enough copper coinage left to gain entry to the Dons first pre-season game of the season, now it has been announced that top League One/struggling Championship side Charlton Athletic will kick off the pre-season build up on Saturday 10th July, shortly before England kick off their World Cup third-place playoff against the Ivory Coast. This marks a departure from our previous tactic of low-key preparations, and is a step up from Wycombe and Brighton last year, especially as both Charlton and Millwall have promised to bring over a first team squad.

Another positive step is the news that not only are they paying a visit, but each club is being tipped to leave a promising youngster with us for a season. We have been linked with Charlton’s young defender Yado Mambo, and Millwall forward John Marquis, both who enjoyed loan spells in the division below last term. A planned long tem loan agreement will suit all parties, especially the Dons who got their fingers burned last year with some increasingly desperate looking short-term deals, and a year-long arrangement would make sense at a club who on the whole sign players on yearly contracts. Hopefully Terry Brown won’t have to shuffle around looking for last-minute deals like his Prime Minister namesake…

Anyway, no news on any away pre-season games at present, except for some word of mouth gossip that one of them is a bit tasty – and I’ve genuinely heard no more than that, so don’t write in… Naturally whenever there is any official news, I’ll be on hand no more than twenty-four hours later to comment…

Heres what Charlton have to say about the fixture…

…although either they are a bit on the slow side when it comes to our current squad, or they have broken news of some extremely surprising signings…

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