Casually Corinthian

It’s either a sign of how strong and deep English football is, or that football in this country has gone mad, that Corinthian-Casuals were the highest placed truly amateur club in the country last year… 13th place in one of six level eight regional leagues. Not only that, but the club were considered to have had a pretty good season considering recent history – a string of 20th place finished plus escapes by goal difference, even by earning more points than teams in different divisions…

In a game where even top flight professionals earning tens of thousands of pounds a week can have their head turned by someone waving a tenner in their direction, Corinthian-Casuals are a real breath of fresh air. Yet they are overshadowed at every turn by their semi-pro and professional colleagues. A few years ago they even chose to mark a major anniversary by inviting a local club to play them at Wembley, only to have their day wrecked by the louts from the pro game bringing several times their number of supporters and dicking them 8-1…

So its good to see we are making an effort to repay them by bringing a side to King Georges Field. Yet it makes me look a bit foolish after my confident announcement that Woking were our last opponents to be announced… In fact there is another set up for the Friday night before the Exeter game – announced just days after I booked my Saturday morning train to the South West, this will undoubtedly mean it will be the first leg of a mini tour of Devon. It’s probably only a minor side down there, I probably won’t be missing anything… but perhaps I should have thought more about making a weekend of it! Plus for all I know I could just be paranoid, it may be a game for the reserves against local (to us) opposition…

2 thoughts on “Casually Corinthian

  1. cactus 777 says:

    this was nearly 2 months ago. you died again…

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