Salisbury at St(e)ake

Yesterday there were a few unofficial murmurs that something big was going on at Salisbury, and an announcement was going to be made today. Now I didn’t think much of it at the time as the ‘confirmation’ seemed to come from that most reliable of sources, a players Facebook status. Yet this morning, the news was out – Salisbury will play no part in the Conference next season.

Despite their financial problems last season, Salisbury would have finished above the Dons had they not been deducted ten points for entering administration – and their failure to fully satisfy their debtors by the leagues deadline has done for them. It’s hard to have too much sympathy for them in that respect – as far as I remember there was more than one ‘We Need £100K by Thursday or We’re F***ed’ style appeal that took place on their behalf last term.

Now I have no idea how much the debt was that took Salisbury down – if it was in the hundreds of thousands and they were waiting on a knight in shining armour to ride along and save them, but if it was touch and go its strange they didn’t do more to cut their wage bill beforehand… they could have cashed in on Matt Tubbs, who went on to become the leagues joint top scorer, back in January. Plus Danny Webb’s head is useable as a 50 pence piece in every vending machine in the UK…

To be honest I have a great deal more sympathy for Grays plight at the moment. Grays ‘voluntary relegation’ seems to have taken them down to the Essex Senior League thanks to the Ryman League deciding they just didn’t like the look of them… perhaps they had their top button open, shirt tales showing, or even (shock) they weren’t wearing a tie… Either way, that’s not the point. As a part of the pyramid, they are there to take teams whether they like them or not… and I bet they wouldn’t be falling back on obscure rules relating to application dates had it been a tea like Woking in the same position…

Back to the Ryman Premier, we are now a club short, and it seems certain that Forest Green Rovers will be invited back into the division to make the numbers up. Relegation on the last day of the season hurt FGR, although a reprieve will certainly make potential owners sit up and take notice after the “Numerous revenue streams with high growth potential, including conferencing, weddings, a gym and leisure centre and public house… oh, and a Football Club” was recently hawked in the FT.

All of this will certainly make followers of Ebbsfleet sit up and take notice, as although there is only a short time until the AGM, which will effectively lock everyone into position for another year, that’s a long time in football – and especially this particular level of football. Even though most clubs are looking pretty solid at the moment, like Salisbury we c ould be hit by a bombshell at any moment…

NB – Apologies for the title. My wife made me do it…

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