Back In Training…

Well the squad have been back in training for a while now. I was talking about me… even us bloggers need to get back in training after an extended summer break watching the World Cup (at home, on my sofa). In truth, I’ll give you the same excuse for not updating the blog as I gave my employers for not turning up at work for the last month… I had malaria. Yeah they laughed at the time, but it’s getting pretty popular now, isn’t it?

No seriously, I moved house again. This time I’m the other side of Dorking, so no more leisurely strolls down the road to Kingsmeadow for me next season. I’ll find out why those stay away far-flung fans from the early rounds of the Senior Cups really can’t be bothered to make the journey, oh yes…

While this World Cup hasn’t really set the hearts fluttering, I’ve found myself gaining a new-found appreciation of Uruguay. The first World Cup holders and two times winners might have crashed out to the Dutch yesterday, but with only 3.5 million inhabitants they must have catapulted themselves to the top of the man-for-man greatest football nation on Earth list…

Still, you can only take a month or so of these World festival of football gatherings… nice of them to overlap slightly with our pre-season campaign though? And don’t get me wrong, whats going on at our beloved AFC Wimbledon right now is history, happening right in front of our eyes. It’s no exaggeration to say this is THE most important pre-season in our history, with the obvious exception of that one year where we had to start the whole club up again from scratch…

We’re hearing all the right noises coming out of the club right now. Fitness levels are apparently ‘astonishing’. Our new signing from a League Two club is stunned by the high level of talent in the squad. But there are still risks associated with our current rebuilding process. There would be risks involved even if we were spunking hundreds of thousands on proven quality in the expectation of promotion this year or next… But even if Terry was a mind reader, even if he knew absolutely everything about his new signings (and I firmly believe his scouting methods are head and shoulders above most clubs at our level…), these are young players we are talking about. It would be a miracle if each and every of them settles at the club. There will be failures. I don’t think we can be in any doubt about that.

I’ll talk about some of the actual talent that has been brought in over the next few weeks (i.e. after I’ve seen them with my own eyes), but judging by recent reports (a South Korean under-21 international and a guy from the Glenn Hoddle Academy both on trial…) I think we have to face the very real possibility that we all merely exist only in the feverish imagination of a 13-year-old kid getting a little too carried away playing Football Manager…

I mean where else would you get a World Cup final like Holland v Spain???

Charlton preview tomorrow. The Dons are back, people…


One thought on “Back In Training…

  1. cactus 777 says:

    thank you! i can’t just survive on sw19’s army…

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