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Cobham Res. 0 AFC Wimbledon Res. 3

The young Dons second string beat Cobham at Leg O’ Mutton Field… or rather, the training pitch next to it. Marcus Gayle can’t have been happy about the standard of the surface his side were forced to play on however, effectively a park pitch, it featured a topography that would have thrilled map makers, but wasn’t much use for playing football on.

Still, the Dons tried against a resolute Cobham side who struck the woodwork on several occasions. After a dull first half, the Dons quality showed in the second half, winning the game thanks to a Matt Harmsworth hat trick. Which was fortunate for me, as the Dons featured a number of players unknown to me (well, not just me!), and young Matt was one of the few I recognised…

The reserves only other friendly lined up is not until the 10th August at Godalming, however keep your eyes open as more are bound to be announced in due course.

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AFC Wimbledon 0 Millwall 1

So I couldn’t make the game last night. A minor family emergency… but these things happen and all is well with the world once again this morning. If only the game had been played today! I mean, who plays on a Friday night? This is football, not Rugby League!

So I missed our 0-1 defeat to a dodgy/stonewall penalty (depending on where you were standing it seems…), in a game which, from what I could catch on WDON, sounded like it could best be described as ‘a good workout’. My next first team action will be on Tuesday at Corinthian-Casuals, but this morning I’m planning on cycling over to Cobham to catch up with the reserves. More on that later, if I can identify any of the players…