AFC Wimbledon 3 Tamworth 0

It’s when you notice the league table reads three wins out of three that things reach the stage where you have to say, regardless of the relative strength of the opposition, its been an impressive start. In fact, the only side above us so far, the only other club in the division currently unbeaten, are the bookies favourites Luton. The Dons are down in second due to one goal scored, and remain the only side yet to concede… I get the impression the down-to-earth reaction of the majority of Dons fans echoes my gut view that we should enjoy it while it lasts. A difficult September looms ahead, and perhaps the fear of dropping points then is propelling the side to greatness now. Either way, if we play like we have done in the last two homes games at least, and avoid injuries,  I don’t feel we need to fear anyone – in September or any time…

In fact the visitors best chance of breaching the steel blue gate that is the Dons back line came in the first minute, when a back pass saw Sebb Brown slip in his six yard box, successfully hold off a Tamworth challenge before picking the ball up. Unfortunately in the referees opinion the Tamworth man hadn’t got enough of the ball to justify moving to the next stage of play and awarded a free kick six yards out. Tamworth changed the angle slightly but still relied on the ‘smash it in the roof of the net’ routine that almost never works in these situations, the Dons back line charging down well.

From then on, it seemed like it was pretty much all Wimbledon. Although the result might not suggest Tamworth were miles better than Histon were on Tuesday, their ambition was the reason we saw such an open game. The Dons had various half chances before Sammy Moore found space in the right channel to fire across the Tamworth keeper into the bottom left corner.

Going a goal up didn’t dampen the Dons desire to extend their lead, and the only shock was it took until the hour mark to go further ahead. This time Jon Main worked a position in the left channel and attempted to hit the bottom right corner. Tamworth keeper Atkins got a hand to the ball, only for Danny Kedwell to run in the rebound.

The small-ish 3100 crowd were rewarded with a wonderful third goal. Shortly after Sam Hatton had narrowly missed the top corner from a similar position, he shaped to fire in another free kick from around twenty yards. This time, he dinked it over the wall, while Kedwell peeled off to finish brilliantly guiding his volley wide of Atkins right hand and into the left corner.

The Dons could, perhaps should, have had more. Three was enough, not to go top of the league, but that can wait for later in the season. Possibly even Tuesday night perhaps? Tuesday is now set up for an interesting tussle with Rushden, and a repeat of last seasons result will go down just fine…

One thought on “AFC Wimbledon 3 Tamworth 0

  1. Peter Jacob says:

    Can’t believe I’ve onyl just discovered your blog. Always assumed SW19 was the place to go. Anyway nice to read your thoughts.

    One thing I’ve been pushing is the issue of the Carvery aka CarveryGate. 1) is it really that popular 2) is it worth the impact on the bar meaning less people can get served 3) it has meant we’ve got outside caterers in the burger vans and the difference from last season is noticable (as are the lack of queue which i put down to people simply not spending at KM) but they do serve Popcorn!!!!!!!

    On the football front as you say let’s enjoy it whiel we can but was mightly impressed on Saturday. A shame only 3100 were there to see that free kick

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