Waste Of A Sunday

You may notice there is no Luton report. Sorry about that. I spent a few hours sculpting what was a quite difficult report only for my connection to go just as I tried to publish… losing the entire thing and leaving me banging my head against a wall for not doing what I normally do – write it in Word then copy over…

Naturally I’m too pissed off to write another one, but the time has come for a change as far as this blog is concerned… I’ll be looking to write shorter, punchier articles on a more regular basis, dropping the more traditional match reports for instant reaction to events – or just write whatever I feel like it on slow news days, which is kind of the point of a blog I suppose…

As many of you will now be aware, I will be leaving the country early next year, and it remains to be seen what effect this will have on the blog, just what it is going to mutate into… presumably just me writing ‘What the hells going on over there?’ on a daily basis with the odd Revolution/Phantoms/Bruins/Red Sox report thrown in for good measure.

I’ll be doing a bit of thinking about what form the blog should have in the interim. Until then, some actual football news seems to have broken. The Dons have signed Brentford full-back Chris Bush, who has put in some storming performances on loan at Woking so far this term. The timing could not have been better, with Andre Blackman starting (and finishing) his suspension on Thursday.

 More tomorrow when I can be bothered to get my research proper (and there isn’t a new episode of Spooks on tv…) where undoubtedly I will attempt to write about Bush but end up droning on about Blackman, and the build up to Crawley continues…

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