A Little Wrexham Reaction…

I’ve caught up with goings on at the Racecourse Ground yesterday, and I am very pleased with what I have been hearing. After our recent run of good performance/bad performance I was dreading another defeat. Which is exactly what we seemed to be heading towards at half time yesterday. Another poor showing after the spectacular victory at Mansfield, and I’m sorry but potential champions do not lose games the have played poorly in… they win them. So our second half comeback fills me with a great deal of hope.

Dean Saunders didn’t seem very happy, did he? You would think he had been in the game long enough to realise it is goals that win games, not performances. In the past,we have seen AFC Wimbledon teams dominate games and not get their just rewards, so it’s nice for the boot to be on the other foot for a change. Plus if any further justification were needed over the importance of being a full-time professional outfit, it was our greater fitness going into the closing stages… we didn’t need a vote or SGM to decide this, we just needed to do it – and it could be the difference between us stagnating in mid-table with some of last seasons underachievers, or battling for promotion, all season long (hopefully not meekly quitting in March…).

By the way, has anyone read the interview with Sebb Brown in the NLP today? Doesn’t it make you proud, that one of ‘us’ is now regularly lining up for the side as we close in on achieving League status? This blog gave Brown some stick when he first joined the club, to be fair he looked nowhere near good enough in his early pre-season performances… but he’s really worked hard, and while he still has plenty of work to do to become a Football League goalkeeper, I am now one of his biggest fans – and if he can complete that type of turnaround, surely there is nothing in the game he can’t achieve?!!

The next week gives us a much-needed rest until Gateshead on Saturday, when attention diverts to the FA Cup (the Fourth Qualifying Round Draw is on Monday – tune in to this blog for exclusive reaction!). Not the best timing when it seems we could be developing a championship charge, but I am a massive sucker for the FA Cup, and more than any other division we have played in so far, Conference clubs are less hindered… a trip to the Third Round, the Non-League equivalent of winning the thing, only requires a minimum of four games…

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