The Minithon Looms…

I was looking for an excuse to get a bit more sporty. Since my football playing days came to an end a few years back, I had no reason to stay in shape. So I let myself go a bit, for a treat… then let myself go a bit more… now I’m at a stage where belts are completely unneccessary as my ever-expanding arse does the job of holding up even the most generously cut trousers…

This had to stop, and it had to stop quickly. I need to get into Good Habits before I hit the land of the six pound burger (especially as that seems like a challenge I could quite easily manage. I’ll just have a few beers first to get myself warmed up…). Also, it’s a more physical life over there… if I was asked to shovel three feet of snow off a drive tomorrow I’d wilt, and I can’t be letting the side down by looking like a weak Englishman…

A quick aside… I was informed that when I get to New Hampshire I should join the local City of Concord Adult soccer league. I thought to myself  ‘Good stuff, I could do with getting back into playing the game’. My enthusiasm wasn’t tamed by finding out the league was seven a-side (smaller pitch, less running!) or even that it was co-ed (in other words, men and women play together) as over there the women’s teams are just as good as the mens, and besides, at my age I’m only playing for fun anyway… Then I realised I would miss this season which runs from early-September to… erm… mid-October. Back to the drawing board there…

So I’m kick-starting the fitness campaign and helping the Ground Fund (and some very worthy charities…) by competing in the Minithon on Sunday… Although when I say ‘compete’ I very much mean its me versus the course. Having said that I wouldn’t mind pipping my fellow Dons blogger Maliniok to the line, although adding a competitive element could lead to heart attacks all round…

I won’t ask you all for sponsorship. I was only aiming to do my bit, and along with my family my employers have generously agreed to throw a cheque in the Dons Trust direction. On top of this I was sent some tips on increasing sponsorship, which advised creating a money-box to increase the sum raised with small change contributions. So I spent an hour or so of my employers time manufacturing one from a recycled Amazon package… and so far, it is unfortunately still empty!

Still, if you’re unlucky, you may find me waving it under your nose come Saturday pre-match against Gateshead. The three-mile course is clever as it’s just short enough to encourage people like me to enter, while still being long enough to make potential sponsors think your slightly mad for attempting it for now apparent personal gain…

Three miles really isn’t that far… is it?


One thought on “The Minithon Looms…

  1. maliniok says:

    Funny you should say that. When I mention 3 miles to my potential sponsors the response I get is: you should do more than that!

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