Helen Chamberlain And Norman Cook Have Given Us…

Ebbsfleet at home.

Although there was something of a cock-up when it was initially announced we would be playing ball 18, Exeter City, despite already having been drawn. Experienced broadcaster Jim Rosenthal eventually announced the correction, as I began to wonder whether the Devonians would be sending their reserves…

Yet Ebbsfleet it is. A quick return for them after their relegation last season, and a quicker return for Paul Lorraine and Derek Duncan, along with former Dons triallist Callum Willock. Its not exactly a draw thats going to get the casual Dons fan out of their sofa, but it is more than winnable and allows a decent chance of progression to the Second Round. Plus ITV are currently following Ebbsfleet on their Road To Wembley, which means the game should be featured on their highlights show beyond just showing the goals – it’ll be ‘special report’ rather than extensive highlights, but if we win that coverage will follow us into the next round. At least we won’t find ourselves playing on a Monday this time around…

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2 thoughts on “Helen Chamberlain And Norman Cook Have Given Us…

  1. Lemming Don says:

    Having said that, I’ve just noticed that Ebbsfleet’s away record in Conf South is W4 D2 L0 which isn’t too shabby.

  2. Lemming Don says:

    Can’t think of a much better draw than that. At home against a team a division below, so we should win, thus earning ourselves more prize money, more gate money, and some good publicity courtesy of ITV.
    And of course, it offers us the chance to do what football fans do best – get ahead of ourselves by assuming that we’ll beat Ebbsfleet thus leaving us just one game away from a potential trip to Old Trafford, Anfield, Broadfield…

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